How to wind hair on thermohair curlers

How to wind hair on thermohair curlers

On high-quality hair dressing in house conditions time lot leaves. Women aim to invent ways that this time at the same time to reduce and look faultless. Such invention of mankind as thermohair curlers, considerably accelerates time of creation of curls.


Before turning wash up hair with the conditioner. The conditioner is better to choose professional. Additional protective equipment are not required as thermohair curlers cannot spoil hair. In a sense they it is even more harmless, than curling tongs of hair. After use of the conditioner the hair will become more obediently, and from them beautiful curls easily will turn out.

Prepare thermohair curlers. At first remove fastenings from them, then heat hair curlers. Heating of thermohair curlers to optimum state takes 5 minutes. When everything is ready, it is possible to begin hairdressing.

Carefully comb hair and divide them into locks. It is desirable to designate at once as locks and hair parting will be located. Take thin lock of slightly moist hair and wind on thermohair curlers. Record thermohair curlers by means of clips or crabs from set. The lock of hair is thinner, the more graceful and more charming the curl will turn out. The effect will be more noticeable if to use skin or gel for laying, it is better professional. Having wound thus all hair, check whether there is no free lock left. It is important. If it has occurred, the appearance of hairstyle can suffer. You should not close hair hat, they have to remain in the open air. Nothing not covered hair will dry quicker.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team