Natural sea sponge for shower

Natural sea sponge for shower

The natural sea sponge will provide high-quality body skin care. But it is necessary to be able to use this gift of the nature. Sea sponge it is impossible to handle the same as habitual basts: for it there are rules.

The sea sponge represents the small size backboneless organism which mainly lives in the Mediterranean Sea at depth of 30-70 m. The most part of production of this organic chemistry is carried out at coast of Greece. All works are performed manually: catching of sponge, its processing, sorting.

Sea sponge – unique gift of the nature: in a dry form she is stale as pumice, but after moistening becomes incredibly soft and elastic.

If earlier delivery of sea sponges to drugstores and shops of the different countries of the world was limited to catching and sorting, today this organic chemistry began to be processed, giving it the different forms and color shades. For this purpose use natural dyes and special tools with fine edge.

The first instruction for use of sea sponge – to avoid its twisting. As this gift of the nature is carried to organic chemistry, the sponge in essence represents skeleton with special characteristics of fabrics. If it is active to twist it, soon there will be destruction of elastic connections and the sponge will become useless.

Use of sea sponge for clarification of the face or body has positive impact on skin: blood circulation becomes active, epidermis is saturated with the minerals which are contained in organic chemistry, careful scrubbing is carried out.

The following rule of care for sea sponge is that it demands careful washing after each use. This porous substance often is in damp state therefore in it the Wednesday favorable for reproduction of pathogenic bacteria is formed. You should not forget also that water in the Mediterranean Sea is very polluted therefore from area of the dwelling the organic chemistry will inevitably bring various hazardous substances. Therefore careful washing is necessary also for new sponge. The next moment to which it is necessary to pay attention when using sea sponge – its correct drying. This organic substance should not be in close proximity to heating devices. Also sunshine are undesirable to it. Therefore for drying it is better to suspend sponge in reticulum near that place where there is movement of air. It can be window or door, air vent, extract. The sea sponge badly transfers too hot water. It needs to be considered during reception of water procedures. Despite due leaving, in 3-4 months this organic chemistry substantially wears out and demands replacement. It is simple to make it: now it can be bought and cost is small. Undoubted advantage of this unique marine organism that it purifies skin much more effectively, than any foam or other basts. The sponge for thin sensitive skin is especially good. This organic chemistry so carefully cleans it that it is recommended for use for bathing of newborn children. One more advantage of sea sponge is in what helps to save various means for shower: for receiving plentiful foam of rather small amount of soap.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team