As there passes the 15th week of pregnancy

As there passes the 15th week of pregnancy

By fifteenth week of pregnancy the woman quite accustoms with future role of mom. At this time all members of household have to get over that it becomes heavier to it to perform housework therefore each family member needs to render to the pregnant woman the feasible help. Such joint efforts have to bring together family and prepare for serious change in life – to the child's birth.

In 15 weeks of pregnancy on a stomach of the woman it is already possible to notice the brown line which reaches from a navel for a pubic bone. It appears because of increase in development by a melanin organism. You should not worry because of its emergence, after the delivery this strip will quickly disappear.

On the head of the kid hair begin to grow though at this time they are more similar to a down. Fruit skin still very thin, with a red shade. According to the estimates of scientists in fifteen weeks of pregnancy the heart of the kid misses through itself more than 20 liters of blood a day.

Kidneys actively work for a fruit, excreting urine in amniotic waters, than support their constant structure. Amniotic liquid, of course, consists not of one urine, and about 8-10 times a day are updated thanks to work of an amniotic bubble. All this helps to support the necessary ratio of water, organic matter and minerals. Amniotic waters protect the kid from damages, give the chance to move freely, help with development of lungs, digestive system, kidneys. As the kid spends the first 9 months of the life in the water environment, in society the idea of childbirth in water appeared. It is considered that it will facilitate accustoming of the kid to life out of mother's womb. The choice of a way and the place of childbirth anyway remain for the woman, in fifteen weeks of pregnancy it is already possible to be engaged in selection of maternity hospital in which the kid will be born.

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