How to exclude extra-uterine pregnancy

How to exclude extra-uterine pregnancy

Extra-uterine pregnancy – pathology, very dangerous to the woman. It arises at implantation of the impregnated ovum not in a uterus cavity, and in a uterine tube or a neck of the uterus, an abdominal cavity, an ovary. If the woman with such pathology does not receive medical care in time, then for it this state can end letalno. How to exclude extra-uterine pregnancy?


1. If you are pregnant and well feel, then to you, most likely, there is nothing to worry. However at emergence of such symptoms as the pricking pains in the lower part of a stomach, bleeding, an indisposition, faints, dizzinesses, the increased temperature, low pressure, it is necessary to see a doctor urgently. These signs not always demonstrate extra-uterine pregnancy, but if this diagnosis is confirmed, then for removal of fetal egg you will need urgent operation.

2. Completely to exclude extra-uterine pregnancy as soon as the test shows two strips, undergo medical examination. For diagnosis of pathology to you will make some tests: will check immunological or biological reaction to pregnancy, a puncture of the back vaginal arch, laparoscopy, ultrasonography.

3. If at ultrasonography find normally located fetal egg in you, then it is almost 100 percent guarantee that you have no extra-uterine pregnancy. This two views in 1 case of 10-30 thousand pregnancies are combined.

4. Abdominal ultrasonography will find fetal egg in a uterus on the term of 6-7 weeks, and at vaginal - on the term of 4.5-5 weeks. Sometimes extra-uterine pregnancy does not manage to be diagnosed because in a cavity of a uterus take blood clots for fetal egg. If you develop extra-uterine pregnancy, then in pryamokishechno-uterine deepening it is possible to find a liquid congestion. On ultrasonography it is diagnosed in 50-75% of cases. The fetal egg located in the field of uterus appendages can be found by means of the vaginal sensor.

5. Other rather reliable way to exclude extra-uterine pregnancy is to make the analysis on identification of a horionichesky gonadotrophin. Presence at blood and urine of this hormone – one of early signs of pregnancy. Tests for pregnancy also react to it. If the maintenance of a horionichesky gonadotrophin corresponds to term, then pregnancy normal. At extra-uterine its contents is reduced. To exclude a mistake, at suspicion of pathology to you will carry out both ultrasonography, and the analysis on a horionichesky gonadotrophin.

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