How to make up eyelashes that they were long

How to make up eyelashes that they were long

woman dreams to have magnificent and long eyelashes. Of course, the nature presents not all with beautiful eyelashes since the birth, but the correct make-up and permanent care of eyelashes will help to make them long. It is possible to extend eyelashes by means of ink and the correct way of its drawing.

It is required to you

  • Ink, brush for combing of eyelashes, powder, olive oil.


  1. Before starting putting ink on eyelashes, they need to be twisted. Special nippers will help to gain to eyelashes curvature and expressiveness. To twist eyelashes, it is necessary to clamp them nippers for several seconds. It is necessary to clamp eyelashes accurately, trying not to squeeze strongly.
  2. The additional volume and length of eyelashes will be helped to be received - correctly picked up ink, and certain technology of its drawing. For a start, eyelashes need to be covered with thin layer of powder. After that, it is possible to start coloring of eyelashes.
  3. Ink needs to be applied with thin layer and two times: the first layer is basis, the second – adjustment. After drawing the first layer of ink, it is necessary to wait a little before full drying of eyelashes. Then, having taken ink brush vertically, it is necessary to carry out by her from eyelash root to tip. The smallest parts of ink will be attached on tips of eyelashes, as will create increase in length. To give to eyelashes density, the brush needs to be held horizontally. The brush of ink needs to be moved from one party to another that parts of ink were late between cilia, creating volume.
  4. As soon as the second layer of ink dries, it is necessary to comb cilia by means of special brush for eyelashes. It will remove unnecessary lumps of ink, and will well divide eyelashes.
  5. To make eyelashes long, it is important to pick up ink correctly. The special extending ink contains parts which envelop each eyelash and do it longer. When using thick brush of ink of eyelash will be more volume and magnificent.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team