How to receive the certificate on the child

How to receive the certificate on the child

At the child's birth the parents are obliged to take care of execution of all necessary documents. First of all, this document is the birth certificate which to fourteen-year age will be for the child the main identity document. Execution of the birth certificate - the procedure simple, it does not take a lot of time, the main thing is the nobility what to begin with.

It is required to you

  • - statement;
  • - the reference from maternity hospital confirming the fact of the birth of the child;
  • - passports of parents;
  • - documents which are the basis for introduction of information about the father (marriage certficate, the statement of parents or the judgment);
  • - the receipt on payment of the state fee (only in case of paternity proof).


1. birthschildIt is necessary for obtaining the certificate of state registration of within 1 month with these documents to be in territorial authority of the REGISTRY OFFICE at the place of residence of parents or in the birthplace of the child.

2. The surname and a name to the child registers by last name parents. If they have different surnames, then under the agreement of parents. The middle name is appropriated to the child by name the father, single mother chooses any middle name to the child.

3. If parents of the child are registered in a legal marriage, then someone can receive the birth certificate of the child one, presence of the second parent in this case is not obligatory. If for any reasons any of parents cannot file documents to body of the REGISTRY OFFICE for execution of the birth certificate of the child, then with the statement relatives can come with notarially issued power of attorney on the right of receiving and execution of the certificate.

4. Besides, since recent time the registration on the child of the insurance evidence of mandatory pension insurance is required. For this purpose one of parents needs to come to territorial authority of the pension fund and to fill out the questionnaire. It is necessary to take identity documents of the child and parent (birth certificate and the passport). Within three weeks after adoption of the statement the staff of RPF will grant to you the ready certificate of mandatory pension insurance.

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