How to strengthen nervous system of the child

How to strengthen nervous system of the child

Nervous system of small children still very weak. For this reason he can be capricious on trifles from time to time, without the reason to cry, shudder from an unexpected loud sound. The overstrain, excessive nervousness, obtaining large volume of new information and impressions are the frequent reasons of fieriness in behavior of the kid. To avoid excessive nervousness and impulsiveness in behavior of the child, parents should strengthen his nervous system.


1. Great assistants in strengthening of nervous systems child are vitamins and minerals.

2. Calcium, for example, promotes passing of impulses through nervous system of the child from one part of his body to another. The lack of calcium of an organism makes the kid irritable and uneasy. For this reason, at a diet of the child there have to be such products as cheese, cottage cheese, kefir, beet, almonds, a celery.

3. Vitamins of group B remove exhaustion, excessive excitement, improve attentiveness and concentration of the child, develop his memory and interfere with developing of a stress. Therefore to strengthen nervous system of the child, parents have to include products, vitamin-rich groups B in his food allowance, namely: beans, soy, dairy products, meat, seafood.

4. The iodine which is contained in cherry, apricots, a gooseberry, currant, a cauliflower, dates, olive oil, buckwheat and sea fish is very useful to strengthening of nervous system of the child.

5. The parents who set the task for themselves – to strengthen nervous system of the child, have to remember that the dinner of the kid not has to be is later, than in 2-3 hours prior to a dream. Besides, it is dinner kids better to give the easy and well acquired food. If the organism of the child does not manage to have a rest in a night, the tot will be mean and whimsical next day.

6. And here the breakfast of the kid has to be nutritious, a large amount of energy is spent by the kid in the morning, for storing and processing of new information.

7. It is possible to strengthen nervous system of the child long daily walks in the fresh air. At this particular time the kid receives a large amount of the oxygen necessary for the correct formation of nervous system.

8. The irreplaceable condition for strengthening of nervous system of the child is a regular, quiet, quiet sleep.

9. And, of course, to strengthen nervous system of the child, it is necessary to please to a thicket him: to play with him its favourite games, to read favourite books, to organize cheerful celebrations.

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