Rules of the game in children's ice hockey

Rules of the game in children's ice hockey

Modern parents often give the child on children's hockey. This purely man's game cultivates command spirit in boys, tempers a body and develops in them combativity. Rules in children's hockey practically do not differ from adult hockey, but nevertheless have some minimum deviations.

Game with a washer

Situation "off side" on the blue line is admissible when the child (in teams ordinary gather right after the termination of kindergarten - from 6 years) from the attacking team crossed the blue line of a zone of the opponent before it is crossed completely by a washer. There is a defining factor of such situation – finding of both skates of the attacking hockey player of rather blue line of the second team at the time of its full crossing. If at least one fad of the forward at the time of crossing by a washer of the blue line is on it or in an average zone, situation "off side" is not set off and the match continues.

If the attacking team is in a zone of the opponent and by transfer back the washer gets to the blue line, being transferred deep into zones, situation "off side" is not set off. However it occurs provided that the washer did not cross completely blue line and did not take off for an average zone.

You remember – when the washer is in a protection zone, a part it all width of the blue line is considered. Similar interpretation belongs also to an average zone.

Situation is "off side" fixed if both fads of the forward are in the opponent's zone when the washer transferred to it flew in the player of team rival, ricocheted from it or his club and completely crossed the blue line. This rule was introduced in children's hockey to prevent a large number of the scoring chances intentionally created by means of a washer ricochet from the player and its hit in gate. Trainers ordinary explain all these rules to pupils even during training.

Penalties in children's hockey

For violations of the rules of a game in hockey various penalties follow. So, for a game with the club lifted above a shoulder, a push in a back, the opponent's delay by a club and the attack of the rival without washer, the judge will surely remove the violator from the field. Exist a small and small skameechny penalty. The hockey player will be removed for 2 minutes for unsportsmanlike behavior, pushes, a game with the broken club, a fight, a footboard, a delay of a washer or deliberate falling on it.

Players and representatives of teams receive a small skameechny penalty for violation of the rules both on the platform, and beyond its limits.

Also the judge can appoint a penalty shot – for violation of number of structure, deliberate shift of gate, a delay of a washer or for a club throw in a protective zone. Besides, the judge can include a goal even if the washer did not cross the line of gate and also if the goalkeeper was replaced with the field player or when the attacking hockey player leaves against the empty gate, and in its relation rules of the game are violated. The footboard, a throw of a club or a deliberate delay of a washer the opponent can become such violation.

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