What are necessary documents for extension of a children's grant

What are necessary documents for extension of a children's grant

In social security authorities one of parents, trustees, adoptive parents can issue a monthly allowance for the child. Receiving a grant is possible on the child is younger than sixteen years, living together with the applicant provided that the average per capita income of family does not exceed the established size of a living wage. The grant is made out for a period of one year. Upon termination of this term the payment can be prolonged for what it will be required to handle in a social security the corresponding set of documents again.

It is required to you

  • - the documents confirming the personality on all family members;
  • - references from the residence;
  • - the documents confirming the income of family.


1. Study in advance the list of documents which will be required to you for registration of extension of a monthly allowance. Providing the full package of documents for once, you will be able to save yourself from additional campaigns on the organizations.

2. The main documents which will be required anyway it is certificates of family composition and the references confirming the income of family members. The document on family composition should be taken at the place of residence, inhabitants of the private sector have to provide the house register. If children visit educational institutions, on each of them it is necessary to provide the document from this establishment.

3. Documents have to be provided for proof of income of family in three months which precede month of the request for extension of a grant. For the working citizens it is the certificate of salary in three months preceding the address. Unemployed mothers at whom children is less than three have some have to provide the service record or the document from the last place of study – it can be the diploma or the certificate.

4. The citizens who are not working less than half a year have to provide the service record or the reference from Employment center, students – the certificate of the grant size. Representatives of incomplete families, in cases when paternity is established or a marriage is dissolved, have to prepare data on alimony. The same data are required from trustees. The persons who are individual entrepreneurs provide the certificate of registration in this quality, the income statement or the certificate of income, the service record.

5. On each reception the parent who is making out extension of a grant should have with himself the passport and the savings book or data on personal account. If during consideration of the application any additional difficulties are detected, employees have the right to request and other supporting documents.

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