How to delete a mailbox on mail. ru

How to delete a mailbox on mail. ru

Strangely enough, sometimes it is much easier to create a mailbox, than then to delete it. If you want to get rid forever of a mailbox on service, know that it is much simpler, than can seem.

Log into the system

You can delete a mailbox only if you are in a system. In other words, before the procedure of removal it is necessary to come into the mail. If on the home computer or the mobile device you use the program - the mail agent, it is necessary to visit the website and to become authorized in a system there. As soon as you entered the mailbox, press the help button, it is on the toolbar in the section "Still" near the buttons "contacts", "files", "subjects", etc.

Find and destroy

Having clicked "help", you will be automatically redirected on the accompanying service a mail ru, specially developed for answers to questions and solutions of disputable tasks – "the help a mail ru". By the way, in addition to information on how to delete the mailbox, you will be able to learn here a lot of useful about all service. Removal of mail – the question which is in the list the most often set therefore you without effort will find it on the homepage of service in the main menu. If there will be difficulties, it is possible to use the searcher provided by a system. It will bring you to the necessary page.


Did you well think?

So, as soon as you found point necessary for you, safely click on the link and the system itself will redirect you there where it is possible to delete a mailbox. Actually, further you need to follow instructions – intervface, developed for removal of a box, it is quite simple and does not require any skills. The only thing what it is necessary to think of – reason for which you are going to delete the box forever. Strangely enough, this question very much interests developers therefore it is necessary to answer it – otherwise to delete it will turn out nothing.

Refuse much

And still something. Using mail on service a mail ru, you, perhaps, also do not guess that it is connected with a set of the accompanying services which you also constantly use. These are photos, video, "answers a mail ru" and also simple and convenient access in schoolmates. If you communicate on social network "my world" or use a mail agent for correspondence – it is also necessary to forget about it. Together with removal of your mailbox all these benefits of a civilization will be more unavailable to you. It is worth noticing that the service of service a mail ru also warns about it in the course of removal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team