How to prepare for children's holidays in kindergarten scenarios

How to prepare for children's holidays in kindergarten scenarios

Festive morning performances are held in each kindergarten. Their approximate list is defined by the program according to which the preschool institution works. Scenarios are regularly published in collections, it is possible to find them and in the Internet. But anyway the musical director should or adapt the ready scenario, or to write the.

It is required to you

  • - program of education in kindergarten;
  • - the collection of the literary works corresponding to age of children;
  • - computer with the text editor.


1. The program of a morning performance in kindergarten depends on a holiday subject. Preschool institutions celebrate New year, social and political holidays, final. In some gardens organize both traditional national and religious celebrations — Easter, Christmas, day of Ivan Kupala. They can pass both in musical or the gymnasium, and on the street. For the Victory Day the military memorial can have it also a celebration if it is nearby.

2. Think in what form there will take place the morning performance. Besides a traditional children's morning performance, it can be the musical, a drama or doll performance, literary or musicale, the program with participation of parents.

3. The scenario of an ordinary kindergarten morning performance can conditionally be divided into three parts. The first is an introduction in which in an art form it is said to children about what during a holiday they note. This part includes the words of the leader who greets children and guests. He can read the small poem in which it is told about a celebration. Several poems corresponding to subject are read by children. These verses have to be short, and they need to be distributed in advance. It is possible to include one-two songs in an introductory part. On a New Year's morning performance an introductory part — examining of a fir-tree when children go a round dance around the forest beauty, and the tutor pays their attention to toys. This part of a New Year's holiday usually comes to an end with performance of the song about a fir-tree in which Father Frost is not mentioned yet.

4. The main part joins numbers of amateur performances. This fragment can begin with a surprise — appearance of the fairy tale character. It has to correspond to a subject too. On final it can be Dunno, Mary Poppins, Buratino with Malvina, Carlson. In a word, it have to be characters whom children can teach something or who can give some lessons. For New year to children heroes of magic fairy tales come. It is necessary to consider that circumstance that in younger and nurseries appearance of the villain is undesirable. Children can be frightened of it. Think whom you will take to children and what this character will do. On a festivity it can be Emelya, Ivan the Fool, Vasilisa Prekrasnaya, Alyonushka with Ivanushka. For March 8 the appearance of the fantastic hero is not obligatory, it can be just a concert for mothers.

5. Pick up numbers of amateur performances. They have to correspond not only to subject of a holiday, but also the program according to which the kindergarten works. The list of the recommended musical and literary works is in the section devoted to each age group. Songs have to alternate with dances, sketches, verses and competitions. It is possible to include sports meets in the scenario of a national or military holiday. Not only children, but also adults can participate in them. Even it is better if teams are mixed.

6. Before a final part the fantastic hero praises children, says goodbye to them and disappears. For New year at this moment Father Frost with the Snow Maiden give presents. The leader and children read several poems, sing the final song. It is possible to finish a celebration differently. The leader can invite children and parents to a festive tea drinking in group if it is provided. Graduates are usually given presents right at the end, and then all go to be photographed with satchels and bouquets.

7. Think over registration of the hall or platform and shortly describe it. Make the list of the fact that it is necessary for you for preparation and holding a morning performance. It has to include the equipment, suits, attributes for sketches and games. Solve who, for what will be responsible. For suits the belyevshchitsa, is responsible for the equipment and attributes — the musical director. The manager can charge registration to the artist or someone from tutors.

8. Discuss the scenario not later, than in 2 months prior to holding a morning performance. Appoint the leader and solve who will play various roles.

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