How to make house milkshake

How to make house milkshake

Milkshake is always associated with summer and rest: you walk in the park, you sip the sweet cold beverage similar to ice cream through a tubule, you enjoy the sun and excellent weather. Such summer mood is absolutely simple to make houses.

It is required to you

  • Main ingridiyeta: milk (1 l)
    • ice cream (200 g)


1. The easiest way of preparation of milkshake in house conditions is to make it of ingredients which always near at hand. On 1.5 liters of milk 200 grams of vanilla ice cream, several ice cubes and cherry (or any other) jam are required. Mix all ingredients in the blender, pour on glasses and derive pleasure.

2. If the first recipe seems to you too usual, make strawberry milkshake. Shake up strawberry and ice cream, add some milk and again shake up. The natural aroma and sweet-sour taste will force you to smile even on the most unlucky day.

3. If you love that milkshake was dense and sweet, add one banana to ice cream. It will give to tropical cocktail smack, and you will be able to present yourself somewhere on Maldives meanwhile. By the way, if to add to such cocktail of a little coconut flakes, the pleasure definitely will double.

4. In general, it is possible to add any ingredients if only they were to you to taste to milkshake. It is possible to add nuts, raisin, candied fruits and even honey to any of the offered cocktails!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team