How to delete the account of VKontakte

How to delete the account of VKontakte

Social networks are popular around the world. One of the most visited social networks in our country - VKontakte. Someone just has a page here and comes sometimes, someone stays online for hours. But happens that the user wants to delete once and for all the account from this website.


1. It was rather simple to delete the account earlier - it was necessary to change privacy settings only. In the graph "Who Can Browse My Page?" it was necessary to select the Only I item. After that all data from your page would be removed automatically and notifications from VKontakte would cease to come to your e-mail. However, if desired, within 30 days the page could be restored. And here if the user month after that did not visit the page, then the page was removed automatically. But now everything is slightly more difficult. The fact is that earlier the most part of similar removals of pages happened because of swindlers who hacked accounts. The administration of the website received many complaints from users who that without knowing lost the account. Now all data and a page time cannot be deleted.

2. The first way. Visit the page, change privacy settings that browse the page only you could. Delete all data which are available on the page - a photo, phones, lists of friends, all records on a wall. As a result the page should remain completely empty. After a while there has to be a record "The Page Is Deleted". Just in case disconnect notifications from VKontakte.

3. The second way. Create a new electronic mailbox. On the page of VKontakte replace a mailbox with new. Then delete a box. Change also the password, and write more difficult not to remember most. As well as in the previous case delete all data from the page, change privacy settings, disconnect notifications. In 30 days your account will be deleted because of not visit.

4. The third way. Come into the black list. Add to it Pavel Durov. After that your account should be removed. You can actively try to send spam, to swear obscenely on Durov's page, in popular groups, to send invitations in groups to all users in a row. In this case you will be very quickly banned at least. But most often such accounts delete quickly and without trials.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team