How to find the picture

How to find the picture

Sometimes there is a need to pick up an illustration, the picture or a photo for further use, for example, to learn as any given fruit, an animal or something other looks. To find floating around the Internet any given picture, in modern search engines of Yandex and Google there are convenient services. In this instruction it is offered to review an example of similar search. But at first be defined that you need to find. Let's consider a case of search query of the picture or a photo of apple.

It is required to you

  • The installed operating system of the Windows family;
  • Connection to the Internet;
  • The installed browser.


1. Establish connection with the Internet regularly by which it is provided in your Windows system.

2. Start the browser and in its entry line of the address type the search engine, for example, for transition to Yandex enter (to the address – more simplified entry form of search query). Upon termination of input click the ENTER key.

3. After loading of a form of search query enter the required word or a phrase, for example, Yabloko and click Enter. The page with the list of the general results will be loaded.

4. To go to search results in graphic files use the right part of the menu of links of services of Yandex which is bred in the first line of the page. Find in it the Pictures point. Having selected transition according to this link, search results on graphic resources of Yandex will be given. In this example – search results of the images connected with apple.

5. From versions of the found pictures presented in the form of miniatures. It is possible to go through miniatures further according to the list since on the first page of delivery of results all of them will not go in. Select the left mouse button any given necessary for you. The page of the selected picture miniature with different available sizes will open.

6. To use other search engines, without leaving results of Yandex, find over the search string at the bottom of the page:
"in other search engines: Google • Bing • Picsearch • Yandex. Photos". Following the links of this line it is possible to expand considerably the probability of successful search of the necessary picture, going to other search services. Other search engine has other algorithm of indexation and search of resources of Network. Be not afraid to experiment with different formulations of the search string. Create specific request, for example, "apple semerenko", "polar bear", "a Siamese cat", "flying fish". For certain there will be the necessary picture if only it not something especially specific or confidential.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team