How to look at the remote history of visits

How to look at the remote history of visits

The history of visits is saved by any browser. It is pleasant however not to each user that someone can learn another about its walks on the Internet. Log entries can be deleted manually or to expose settings so that cleaning was automatic through certain periods. At the same time, certainly, all links including necessary will disappear. It is possible to browse the history of visits in several ways.

It is required to you

  • - Internet access;
  • - Total Commander or other file manager;
  • - program of recovery of the Handy Recovery files.


1. Use system recovery function. It is the most available, though not especially convenient way. Enter the Start menu, find the Programs tab, and in it — the line "Standard". Select the System recovery function. In some versions of Windows this tab is in the section "Utilities".

2. Having selected system recovery, attentively look through the help which povyaitsya at once as soon as you click the corresponding link. The fact is that at an ispolzovniya of this function isezat changes which happened to your computer after a checkpoint. The files created during this time will not get to anywhere, and here setting of programs can be changed. In the help it is specified that you will get or will lose if seize the offered opportunity.

3. Before restoring a system, take care of saving changes in files with which just worked, and to close all applications. After that click "Continue" and restore the remote log.

4. If you want to browse only history, but "roll away" all system to the last checkpoint you have no need, use one of browsers of remote elements. There is a lot of such programs, one of the most widespread - Handy Recovery. It is paid, but during certain time it can use freely. It is installed on the computer in the normal way. Close the browser, start the program and scan a disk. This program has several analogs with free licenses.

5. The interface of the Handy Recovery program represents two windows. Right provides viewing function, and in left you will see remote files among which there is also a file of your log. It needs to be selected, and then to restore. You will see the corresponding button in the top part of the interface.

6. Find the folder intended for the history of visits on a disk. Usually it is on a disk C, in Program Files directory. Move to it those files which you just restored. Open the browser and look at the history of visits.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team