How to send the file to the addressee

How to send the file to the addressee

File transfer in electronic form, as a rule, is carried out by means of services of e-mail. It is much more convenient, than independent delivery to the addressee of the necessary information written on the rigid media.

It is required to you

  • - Internet access;
  • - electronic mailbox.


1. Come into the e-mail. Having selected the link "Write the Letter" in the field to "Whom", enter the e-mail address of the recipient. If you want to send the letter to several recipients at once, write in the above-stated field their e-mail addresses through a semicolon.

2. Specify a letter subject, then select the option "Attach the File". Before you the window of the conductor displaying architecture of the folders which are on your computer will open. Select that from them in which there is a document necessary to you, open it, select the file intended for transfer by the left mouse button and click "Open". Thus, you attach the document to the letter. Further click "Send".

3. Consider that some e-mail servers have restrictions on volume of the attached files, for example, up to 20 MB. In that case send the file in parts.

4. You can attach up to ten files to the letter. After loading of the first click "Attach One More File" and note the following document.

5. Use options of a context menu when sending files e-mail. Select that file which you need to send in the folder, open with the right mouse button on it the menu and select the Send parameter. In the following window in the field "Recipient" or "Addressee" (depending on the version of an email client) enter the necessary address.

6. Use one more way of sending files by e-mail. Open your mail account and select "Write the letter", then enter a destination address. Open the folder where there is a document, necessary for transfer. Holding a left mouse button clicked, drag the file from the folder in the field into which it is necessary to enter the text of the message. Click "Send".

7. If the sent file has the exe extension, it can be blocked by some email clients. In order to avoid such obstacles previously archive it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team