Advantage of kefir

Advantage of kefir

Drink of the Caucasian mountaineers - kefir - belongs to the most popular products of the 21st century. This fermented milk product perfectly satisfies hunger, eliminates thirst, strengthens, tones up and even helps to cope with a severe hangover. Advantage of kefir – a subject on which it is possible to talk for hours; books and works of scientists are devoted to it.

Unique structure

The secret of advantage of kefir consists, first of all, in technology of its preparation. Add the ferments on the basis of microorganisms causing sour-milk and spirit fermentation to usual milk. This process provides sour, slightly bluff taste of kefir and its dense consistence.

Existence in this drink of lactobacilli and prebiotics makes him by the best friend of digestive tract. Drinking one glass for the night (and this best time for digestion of kefir), the person solves whole bunch of problems. It both prevention of diseases of a liver and pancreas, and lowering of arterial pressure, and suppression of causative agents of gastric and intestinal diseases. Besides, kefir has light diuretic effect. So, it it is possible and it is necessary to use to the people having diseases of kidneys and, as a result, hypostases.

Kefir – fermented milk product, so, enriched with proteins and fats (if, of course, on packing there is no inscription "fat content - 1%"). Such drink will quickly sate an organism with the major minerals, including the calcium and phosphorus necessary for bones, teeth and nails and also the potassium which is responsible for correct work of heart and nervous system. The vitamin A which is its part will support sight and will improve a condition of skin.

Age – it is important

There is such concept as "young kefir". It is a product which was made no later than three days before date of the use. Such kefir possesses light poslablyayushchy action. "Old kefir", on the contrary, "will fix" everything that is necessary, - it is especially relevant in case of diarrhea. The main thing is not to use kefir on expiry date. If there is no wish to throw out expired product, use it in the cosmetology purposes. And some more councils. At most it is possible to benefit from kefir if to drink it on an empty stomach; a kefiric diet or fasting days on kefir – a great way to lose excess weight. Children can't use kefir up to one and a half years and also to the people suffering from intolerance of lactose.

Beauty demands … some kefir

Kefir – the cheap and effective cosmetology remedy granted by the nature. Having mixed it with sea salt, it is possible to receive a magnificent face scrub and bodies. Kefir with crude egg perfectly humidifies dry, and with a cucumber – dries oily skin. The mask from kefir with the crushed parsley will help with fight against freckles and pigmentary spots. Mix of fermented milk product and gelatin is recommended for the withering skin. And the hair "saturated" with kefir will drop out less, will gain characteristic gloss and will become silky to the touch.

Thus, advantage of kefir – the fact which isn't subject to doubts. It is put also in the name of this product, the root "kef" in translation from Turkish means "health". 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team