How to make hot cocktails

How to make hot cocktails

Late fall and in the winter the warming cocktails use special demand in cafe and restaurants. But they can easily be prepared also at home.


1. The most popular "winter" drink, of course, is mulled wine. He is cooked from red wine which heats up almost to boiling together with sugar, fruit and spices. It is necessary to decorate with orange segments — and cocktail is ready! In shops it is possible to buy a ready set of spices for mulled wine. It is possible to make mulled wine and from white wine.

2. Grog. It is favourite drink of the British sailors who diluted rum with water. The classical grog is preparing as follows: water with spices and sugar is brought to the boil then rum and a lemon is added to it. It is also possible to use black tea instead of water.

3. Punch. Initially drink was cooked from five ingredients: wine, rum, fruit juice, sugar and carnation. Later Europeans added to it the sixth component - tea. Now there are many types of punch.

4. Coffee cocktails. It is possible to add your favourite drinks to coffee: rum, whisky, to an elder, various liqueurs, having decorated from above with whipped cream, having strewed with cinnamon or grated chocolate. It is better to add sugar to taste.

5. Hot cocktails on the basis of fruit juices. One of recipes: mix orange and lemon juice, add the Amaretto liqueur, to warm up all this mix. Decorate with segment of orange or a lemon.

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