How to experience the death of mom

How to experience the death of mom

The death of the loved one - the hardest test. It is difficult to describe what acute emotional pain is endured by grieving. The person feels hopelessness and an internal protest against the incident.


1. Loss of dear and favourite people is a powerful psychological blow after which people long time recovers. There are no recipes capable in one day to erase memories of the dead and to cure sincere experiences of his relatives. What psychologically steady and morally strong was not people, buried close, people around should not expect from it impossible. The grief will not turn into happiness and joy next day. The long time during which the person has to worry traumatized is necessary.

2. This difficult period will be characterized by full apathy and detachment to all events, the person plunges into the experiences and memoirs. The feeling of unreality of the events which are taking place around is created, the appetite is lost, there is a block of reactions, physical health of grieving worsens.

3. The danger of such psychological shocks is that long experiences of the person lead to mental disorders. Independently he not always manages to cope with experiences and emotions in connection with irrevocable loss. Therefore psychological assistance and prescribing of special demulcents is necessary for the people enduring a grief of loss. The address to the expert in this case will help to appear a depression.

4. In certain cases the person independently defines optimum means of a recovery from the depression connected with the death of the loved one. Some are helped by change of a situation and a holiday while others are saved, on the contrary, by immersion in work and affairs. Support and understanding of relatives is very important.

5. The people experiencing the death of the loved one also find a consolation in prayers about deceased and faith in God. In this case the Orthodox Christianity recommends to order in the Forty days' prayers Church about rest of soul deceased, a memorial service and to transfer church notes. Also it is considered that reading by relatives the died person of the Psalter on deceased, in particular the 17th kathismas, brings benefit to soul of deceased. It is considered that death is a release of eternal soul of the person from a physical body and its transition to the Kingdom of Heaven. So, leaving of the person mortal life is the beginning of a way of his immortal soul to God.

6. Understanding that human life makes the hidden Divine sense helps to accept the loss fact. Each person has the way on the earth, the tasks and the purposes. It is necessary to find in itself sincere forces to reconcile to the incident. Perhaps, this period is time for revaluation of values, development of spiritual qualities, reconsideration of the purposes and tasks of the person.

7. The death of the loved one learns to love and protect close people, to appreciate unpredictable life, to be more courageous and happier, to enjoy every instant. Death as the end of a terrestrial way is inevitable for each person. It is important to accept the incident, to return to the normal vital course and to keep the light memory of the died person.

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