How to acquaint hamsters

How to acquaint hamsters

Not all hamsters need society similar. In the nature the habitat of their dwelling is the desert, chances of survival in which at the single are much higher. And here in bondage they are quite capable to create homyakovy communities or even families. At the same time it is very important to acquaint correctly animals with each other that possible friendship did not develop into ongoing hostility.

It is better for hamsters to live separatelyIt is the simplest to support a loner hamster. These animals do not need communication with each other and can live all the short homyakovy life, without suffering from an otstutstviye of relatives at all. If there is a need to bring together two predstavitely this family together or to place a new small animal in already grown roots group, it is necessary to do it very carefully, following necessary in this case rules.

The most harmonious communities arise if hamsters are familiar with each other since the birth.

Preparation for acquaintanceThe first that is necessary needs to be known and what it is worth remembering – hamsters possess very sensitive scent on which very strongly rely in everyday life. Therefore before beginning to acquaint animals with each other, it is necessary to give them the chance to get used gradually to a smell of the new friend. It is the simplest to define each small animal in a separate cage, to put them to one room and within a week to change objects, ispolzumy hamsters. For example, toys, lodges, bowls for food and drink and so on. Thus for some time hamsters will get used to each other smell, and it will be possible to try to bring together them together. At the same time it is the best of all not to place one in a cage to another, and to acquaint them in the neutral territory that both fell into an identical state in a new situation. If one remains that is called at home, and the second will come to it on a visit, fight is inevitable. In principle, everything occurs just as and at people. If someone from you comes back home one wonderful evening and will find on a sofa of the stranger which will use your computer, to sleep on your bed, to go in tault and to take remorselessly all pleasant from the fridge, reaction to such behavior will follow immediately and friendly she will hardly be.

You should not bring together together two males who reached puberty.

Fight of small animalsEven having taken all precautionary measures, in the first days it is necessary to reckon with more or less frequent skirmishes between hamsters. Before 2 individuals begin to get on next to each other, they need to determine the place in hierarchy by the relation to each other, and it is impossible to make it without fight. During a showdown the hamster gets up on back pads and begins to box. The defeated small animal falls on a back, the winner is rubbed the nose to it a stomach, fixing by that the higher position. Such types of collision are quite normal, moreover, they are even necessary, it is not necessary to interfere with them at all.

When acquaintance is impossibleAnd here if hamsters cannot stop a showdown in any way, use teeth and blood begins to flow, acquaintance it should be stopped, as soon as possible. All the same it will not lead to anything good.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team