Bay leaf: than it is useful and from what helps how to use in the medical purposes

Bay leaf: than it is useful and from what helps how to use in the medical purposes

All know bay leaf as spice which is used for giving to dishes of saturated taste and aroma. In the Middle Ages this plant represented good. And in Ancient Greece the wreaths from its leaves were put on a neck to winners of the Olympic Games. Now the lavrushka is used not only in cookery, but also for treatment of diseases. The useful substances which are contained in it help to struggle with various illnesses.

Chemical composition

The laurels is very rich with useful substances. All parts of this plant contain pitches, tannins, essential oils and bitterness. Also the structure of laurels differs in some interesting elements, such as ant, oil, acetic acids, phytosterol, linalyl ester, camphor, starch.

The nutrition value on 100 g of a product is:

  • proteins — 7.61 g;
  • fats — 8.36 g;
  • carbohydrates — 48.67 g;
  • food fibers — 26.3 g;
  • water — 5.44 g;
  • ashes — 3.62 g.

Caloric content of bay leaf — 313 Kcal.

Whether you know? In Antique Rome and Medieval Europe in houses hanged out laurel branches to protect the dwelling from lightning hit.

From macrocells calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, and from minerals — iron, zinc, selenium, manganese is a part. In bay leaf there are a lot of vitamins, such as A, B1, B2, B6, B9, C, SS.

Advantage of bay leaf for a human body

Thanks to the rich chemical composition the plant renders essential improving effect on an organism, including:

  • does not allow to develop to cancer cells;
  • helps to bring slags, salts out of an organism and also excess liquid;
  • possesses the all-strengthening action, fills an organism with useful substances, increases immunity.

We advise to learn how to raise immunity vitamins.

  • renders antifungal, antiseptic, antibacterial, wound healing action.

The formic acid which is a part of a lavrushka is the natural antibiotic which is slowing down rotting processes. And butyric acid provides with energy for good metabolism and helps to protect a large intestine from diseases. Thanks to phytosterol the cholesterol level decreases. And linalyl ester calms nervous and cardiovascular system.

Infusions from this plant help from insomnia, promote good digestion, improve appetite, reduce sugar level in blood, brake viability of a tubercular stick.

How to choose a quality product upon purchase

Laurel leaves even when drying do not lose the useful qualities. Buying a product, it is necessary to pay attention to the following things:

  • leaves have to have a uniform dark green shade. Color khaki speaks about expiry date, and existence of spots or rust testifies to plant diseases;
  • the aroma has to be saturated and spicy. If the smell is expressed poorly or gives bitterness, then leaves most likely are spoiled.

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How to store bay leaf in house conditions

To keep taste and aroma of laurel leaves, it is necessary to store them correctly. The laurels very quickly absorbs in itself foreign smells therefore it is not recommended to hold it near other spices.

The place for storage of a lavrushechka has to be dark, with the maximum humidity of 75% and with the air temperature of +10-15 °C. The certain storeroom will be the best place. But if that is not available, it is possible to put laurels in the fridge. Storage in kitchen cabinets, boxes and on open shelves is allowed, but at the same time leaves should be marked in an opaque container. Containers in which the lavrushechka is stored have to be sealed. It is better to put leaves in tin or glass jars which are densely closed by covers. In linen sacks it is possible to store laurels only in the certain storeroom as they pass heat and moisture.

Important! On window sills and regiments which are about the gas stove it is not recommended to store spice — leaves will quickly lose all the qualities.

Recipes of application in the medical purposes

Folk healers use laurels for treatment of various illnesses. Thanks to the useful qualities the plant is capable to save from many diseases.

At antritis

To cure antritis, it is necessary to crush ten laurel leaves, to fill in 1 l of water and to boil within 15 minutes on small fire. Then broth is poured in a basin, bend over it, having covered the head with a towel, and breathe for 5 minutes. After such manipulation, pus from nasal passes can be emitted. If necessary inhalation can be repeated.

At otitis

For removal of pain and reduction of inflammation it is necessary to fill in five leaves with one glass of water, to boil, and then to pour in a thermos and to insist two hours. It is necessary to use means no more than four times a day, dripping on three droplets in each ear. This infusion is also recommended to drink 4-5 times a day on one tablespoon.

At inflammation of eyes

At inflammation of eyes — conjunctivitis it is recommended to do lotions, using infusion from a lavrushka. Three-four leaves crush, fill in with one glass of boiled water and insist 60 minutes. Then filter and wash with the received infusion of an eye it is not less than ten times in day. Besides it is before going to bed recommended to impose the cotton pads moistened in laurels solution on eyes. Procedures should be carried out before total disappearance of symptoms of an illness.

At hemorrhoids

From this widespread problem infusion from a lavrushka well helps. 25 leaflets fill in 3 l of boiled water and insist in a thermos or other warmed capacity for day. It is necessary to drink the turned-out means to or after a meal.

To reduce hypostasis and inflammation in an anus zone, it is necessary to do laurel compresses. 10 g of laurels fill in with a glass of boiled water and insist no more than 10 minutes. Means has to cool down to room temperature. After that moisten with it a gauze and put to an anus on the trio of minute. It is during the day recommended to repeat the procedure 2-3 times. The course of treatment makes three weeks.

At cystitis

Bathtubs with laurels will help to get rid of cystitis. For this purpose in 8–10 l of hot water pour out 30 g of leaves and boil 30 minutes. The turned-out broth is poured out in a bathtub and parted with water up to the volume which will cover legs in a sitting position. Such bath needs to be taken every day 20 minutes.

From cystitis broth from 10 laurel leaves made in 0.5 l of water also helps. In a day it is necessary to drink 200 ml, dividing into three times.

At perspiration of legs

Special infusion will help to cope with this problem: 35 laurel leaflets need to be filled in with 250 ml of boiled water and to insist about three hours. Broth is added to a bathtub for legs which needs to be done every day for 15 minutes.

At joint pains

Lavrushka has property to bring salts out of an organism. At joint pains it is necessary to prepare infusion from 30 laurel leaves which need to be filled in with 400 ml of boiled water and to insist in a thermos within 12 hours. Ready solution is recommended to be filtered and drunk for day small drafts. The course of treatment makes 3 days. It is allowed to repeat therapy only in 6 months.

Important! During treatment it is impossible to eat proteinaceous food — the diet has to be vegetarian. Alcohol is completely forbidden at this time.

At a long absence of periods

To cause periods, it is possible to prepare laurel infusion. There are several options of a magic potion:

  • 6 laurel leaves fill in with two glasses of water and boil on slow fire within 30 minutes. The cooled-down broth is filtered. In a day it is necessary to drink one glass of means. It is necessary to accept it before consumption of food.
  • 10 g of leaves of laurels pour out in 0.5 l of water and boil one hour. Then broth is filtered. It is necessary to drink one glass.

It is important! If pregnancy is the reason of a delay of periods, then it is impossible to drink these broths. Bay leaf is ancient abortive means.

For improvement of potency

Lavrushka is aphrodisiac. Use of infusion by men from laurels will help to extend sexual intercourse. It is necessary to make one leaf of laurels in 200 ml of boiled water and to drink on a hungry stomach.

It is also possible in two hours prior to alleged sexual intercourse to prepare a bathtub. The camomile and leaves of laurels are filled in with boiled water and insisted 60 minutes. Infusion is added to a bathtub and parted with necessary amount of warm water.

Recipes of application in the cosmetic purposes

To prepare house cosmetic products, it is possible to buy essential oil of laurels in drugstore or to use dry leaves. It is not recommended to use such cosmetics to people who have an allergy to bay leaf.

Essential oils — perfectly look after hair and skin. Learn more about cosmetology properties of essential oils: melissa, cedar, tea tree, fir, orange, sandalwood, rosemary.

For the person

For problem skin of the person it is possible to prepare broth from a lavrushka and water in the ratio 1: 1 and to wipe with it a face. To add the toning effect, it is recommended to freeze broth in molds for ice and to wipe with the turned-out cubes skin. If an integument on a face fat, then it is possible to add 1 teaspoon of alcohol to means.

To narrow pores on a face and to tighten skin, it is recommended to prepare such mask: To mix 1 tablespoon of laurel broth with 1 teaspoon of honey, protein of egg, olive oil and to add 10 droplets of juice of a lemon. It is necessary to apply to skin for 30 minutes. Then to wash away warm water and to apply the moisturizing cream.

From eels and rash on a face: To fill in 100 g of laurel leaves with a glass of hot water and to boil 5–10 minutes. Means they need to cool and wipe skin.

For hair

Many people possess an oily hair. To solve this problem, it is necessary to add five leaves of laurels to 100 g of apple cider vinegar. It is necessary to infuse mix in the dark place. Before rinsing tincture hair, it should be diluted with water 1: 1.

Lavrushka broth will help to get rid of dandruff: 30 leaves fill in 0.5 l of boiled water and insist in a thermos three hours.

To strengthen hair, it is necessary to make laurel leaves and to mix broth with honey in a proportion 1: 1. The turned-out weight should be applied on hair for 60 minutes, and then to wash the head with shampoo.

Whether you know? Ancient Greece put laurel leaves in mattresses that prophetic dreams dreamed.

People who have a fine hair are recommended to apply a mask from three pieces of bread, half of liter of kefir and oil of laurels. The received mix is applied on roots of hair for one hour, and then washed away, using shampoo.

Contraindications and harm

To use bay leaf for treatment and to add it to food it is impossible for the people inclined to an allergy as this plant is strong allergen. Also the lavrushka affects excitingly a uterus and it begins to be reduced strongly. In that case pregnancy can be interrupted by an abortion.

Tannins which contain in monastery can worsen health of people who have diseases of a liver, heart and vessels. People who often face locks also should not take tinctures from leaves of the considered plant.

It is impossible to use bay leaf or broths from it if at you:

  • problems with a liver and kidneys;
  • heart trouble and vessels;
  • inflammatory processes of internals;
  • proteinaceous exchange is broken;
  • sharp cholecystitis;
  • ulcers;
  • stones in a gall bladder;
  • pancreatitis.

Bay leaf has a set of useful properties. But also contraindications are also available. Therefore to add it to food, to use for treatment or it is possible to apply in cosmetology only after consultation of the doctor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team