How to increase testosterone level

How to increase testosterone level

It is known that the organism of the man is in many respects formed thanks to the main men's hormone called testosterone. However in certain cases the level of this hormone at men decreases. Let's try to understand what it is connected with in what danger of such decrease and as it is possible to correct a situation.

Testosterone at men

This hormone not without reason is considered the main men's hormone. He participates in development of male genitals and spermatozoa, secondary sexual characteristics, influences a metabolism, development of bones and muscles. Thanks to it at boys male lines begin to be shown. It is developed by testicles and adrenal glands.

Except physical data, testosterone affects psychological state. Its high level can be expressed in the increased aggression and defiant behavior. Level of hormone can strongly differ at different people. For the man his contents in the range from 11 to 13 nanomol/litre is considered normal.

Whether you know? Testosterone synthesis was carried out independently of each other by the German biochemist Adolf Friedrich Johann Butenandt and the Swiss biochemist of the Croatian origin Leopold Ruzhichka (Lavoslav (Leopold) Ružička) in 1934. For the researches they got the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1939.

Symptoms of the lowered testosterone at men

Testosterone level at men changes throughout all life. The maximum level is usually fixed approximately by 25 years. The age when signs of decrease in level of this hormone become noticeable, considerably differs at different people. Symptoms can be shown also after 45 years, and after 65 years.

Externally it can be shown in the following symptoms:

  • violation of sexual function that leads to decrease in sexual desire, weak erection, to problems with ejaculation and ability to conceive the child;
  • the reduction of physical force accompanied with decrease in muscle bulk and increase in fatty tissue;
  • problems with urination that is expressed in the weakened stream and frequent desires including night;
  • joint pains and in a lower back;
  • the lowered working capacity accompanied with fast fatigue and desire to have a sleep;
  • decrease in attention and problem with memory;
  • irritability, nervousness, depression, apathy.

Reasons of low level of testosterone

Except natural age falling of level of testosterone, there are factors able considerably to bring closer the beginning of this process.

The following is most widespread:

  • alcoholism;
  • chronic malnutrition;
  • radical forms of vegetarianism;
  • intake of some medicines;
  • intake of steroids (glucocorticoids);
  • obesity;
  • genetic diseases;
  • chronic prostatitis.

How to check what level of testosterone at the man

The most reliable and exact way of check of level of testosterone is blood test. For the analysis blood from a vein undertakes. That results of a research were reliable, it is necessary to be prepared for this procedure, namely:

  • not less than one week prior to delivery of the analysis to stop intake of any drugs and hormonal medicines and also to completely exclude alcohol intake;
  • for the same term to limit physical activities;
  • 12 hours before delivery of the analysis not to eat food;
  • not to smoke at least 4 hours before blood donation.

Independently in house conditions it is possible to determine a lack of hormone by existence of the symptoms described above. Even if only some of them are shown, it is already an occasion to think. But, of course, only the laboratory analysis will give a reliable picture.

It is important! If throughout the preparatory period there was a disease caused by a viral or bacterial infection, then it is better to postpone the analysis to later time, otherwise its results will be doubtful.

Ways of increase in level of testosterone

If the problem with hormone level was found, you should not leave everything as it is, gradually losing quality of life. There are several ways if not to solve completely then to remove sharpness of this problem.

The products increasing testosterone level

For increase in level of men's hormone it is possible to change a food allowance. To optimum eat food in small amounts, but 5-6 times a day.

Testosterone content in an organism is positively influenced by the following products:

  • low-fat meat, including fowl (it is necessary to avoid some fried meat);
  • chicken or quail eggs — the greatest effect is observed at their fresh use, but in this case there is a risk of a disease of salmonellosis;
  • seafood;
  • buckwheat, oat, barley, millet grits;
  • any cabbage, avocado, carrots, tomatoes, fresh greens;
  • vegetable oil;
  • fermented milk products;
  • citrus (except for grapefruit), grapes, apricots, prunes, persimmon, currant, a cranberry, blackberry, pomegranate, a melon;
  • walnuts, almonds, filbert;
  • red dry wine in moderate quantities (optimum two glasses a week);
  • green and black tea.

The medicines increasing testosterone level

There are medicamentous methods of increase in level of this hormone. Medicines are appointed by the endocrinologist or the andrologist after the corresponding blood test (in detail this analysis is described above). At gormonozamestitelny therapy the following hormonal medicines can be appointed (i.e. the medicines containing hormones):

  • Nebido is solution for injections, usually apply every three months;
  • Androgel is medicine of external application in the form of gel, apply daily, duration of application is defined by the doctor;
  • Sustanon 250 — solution for injections, is entered intramuscularly, usually time in 8-10 days;
  • Andriol — is issued in the form of tablets or capsules, the dosage and duration of application is defined by the doctor.

Important! Some hormonal medicines suppress development by an organism of own testosterone. It can lead to the fact that the hormonal drugs should be taken for life.

Instead of hormonal medicines it is possible to accept the means stimulating an organism to produce more own testosterone. Though such means do not belong to hormonal, before their application it is necessary to consult with the doctor since they have contraindications. It can be medicines:

  • Parity — dietary supplement, is issued in the form of capsules, tablets or in the form of syrup, a dosage — according to the instruction;
  • Витрикс — is issued in the form of capsules, the dosage is stated in the instruction;
  • Tsiklo Bolan — is issued in the form of capsules, the dosage is stated in the instruction.

Natural way of increase in testosterone

Level of testosterone can be increased also without medicines. One of ways — the correct catering services, inclusion in a diet of some products (about it it is in detail written above) and an exception of others. So, at meal it is necessary to adhere to moderation — not to starve, but also not to eat too much. At a diet surely there has to be a meat. It is necessary to limit consumption of pastries, smoked products and coffee, and it is desirable to exclude soy products from a diet. Consumption of beer is undesirable, at all it is better not to use sparkling water.

Learn more about advantage and harm of soy products: sauce, milk, oil, tofu and also about pluses and minuses of a soy protein.

Besides, it is recommended to minimize contacts with bisphenol — it chemical contains in plastic ware, some means of hygiene and household chemicals. An easy way to normalize testosterone level — the quiet, regular 8-hour night sleep which is not interrupted by noise. So easy way is solar suntan.

How to increase hormone level folk remedies

There is a number of the means recommended by folk healers for normalization of level of hormone in an organism. In particular, it is fenugreek seeds decoction. For its preparation it is required to fill in 15 g of seeds with boiled water halfliter, to put capacity on fire and to wait for boiling. All this has to prokipet 5 minutes. After that broth is cooled, filtered and used on a half-glass three times a day. Also consumption of ginger is recommended. It is possible to have daily ginger tea, and it is possible to make tincture. For this purpose small cut root of ginger is filled in with fortified red wine in the ratio 1 to 10. Container with medicine is corked, placed in the dark cool place and insisted three weeks. Further infusion is filtered and use 30 g daily before going to bed.

Learn in more detail about advantage of ginger for male health.

Good results are yielded by tincture a lyubistka. That to prepare it, 30 grams of roots of a plant boil in liter of red port wine within 3 minutes. Broth is poured in a glass large bottle, corked and placed for three weeks in the dark place. Infusion is used daily, three times a day before meal.

Whether you know? In small amounts testosterone is produced by ovaries and bark of adrenal glands at women. In a female body it contributes to the development of mammary glands.

How to keep the level of men's hormone normal

In general, recipes of preservation of acceptable level of testosterone a long time are known long ago: moderation in food and in alcohol intake, refusal of smoking, exception of harmful products of a diet, regular, but not excessive physical activities, normal dream, regular sex, periodic good rest.

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As we see, the appropriate level of testosterone in an organism is very important for health and quality of human life. Decrease in level is lower than norm is not irreversible, there is a number of the ways allowing to normalize it — from healthy nutrition before intake of medicines. But in general the most reliable way of preservation of necessary level of this men's hormone is the healthy lifestyle.

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