All about girasol: as to grow up it

All about girasol: as to grow up it

The girasol, or earth pear grows in the territory of Russia more than 300 years. Root crops contain many vitamins, organic acids and minerals. Moreover, the girasol is still source of inulin which is irreplaceable for patients with diabetes.

The girasol well takes root on the seasonal dacha though it and needs certain leaving, then the plant will yield good harvest. Optimum time for its landing the fall and spring is considered. In autumn time the landing should be made the whole tubers, and in the spring they can be divided into several parts.


Girasol – unpretentious plant therefore it takes root in any kind of the soil. There is no need even to potter with various powders, it is possible just to land it to the earth and in due time to water plant. But if there is a wish to reap good harvest, then it will be necessary to hold some events for preparation of the earth. It is not recommended to land tubers in heavy soil and on saline soils as the harvest can be poor.

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Before landing of earth pear it is necessary to pave the way. In the fall in the chosen place the earth is recommended to be fertilized compost or manure and to dig over. For the winter it is possible to leave large lumps of the earth. To break them there is no sense as the main soil cultivation will be carried out to landing time. To receive good harvest of girasol, it is necessary to choose small and equal tubers, of the size of egg. Landing needs to be made in trench no more than 15 cm in depth. For normal development of plant, the distance among has to make 35-45 cm. After landing in trench of tubers, it needs to be closed up rake which crest has to be small. If the girasol is going to be planted in the territory of garden or in kitchen garden in large number, then it is recommended to hold schemes in 70 x 40 cm, between ranks and among respectively.


In the first several weeks after landing it is necessary to loosen the soil for ensuring normal aeration. In the same time weeds from row-spacings and landings are removed. After emergence of shoots it is recommended to remove more accurately weeds and to loosen the soil. As soon as the plant reaches 40-50 cm in heights, it will need to be hilled from time to time. When bushes grow to 1 m, the girasol should be tied up. It is the best of all to establish wire support with wooden or metal racks bases. During blossoming of plant, it needs to continue to be hilled. Also experienced gardeners recommend to cut off flowers at girasol. As a result earth pear will not spend force for formation of seeds, and will let juice to development of tubers. Besides, it is necessary to fertilize the soil from time to time. Organic fertilizers will be suitable for these purposes. It can be solution on seaweed or siderata.

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