As it is correct to place plants in the apartment

As it is correct to place plants in the apartment

By means of flowers it is possible to decorate the apartment, to create cozy situation and to take care of human health. That houseplants brought to inhabitants of the dwelling only benefit, it is necessary to place them correctly.

Living room

All family members gather in the living room, here receive guests. The situation in this part of the apartment has to be the coziest. For the living room it is possible to choose practically any plants depending on its size. Ficuses, palm trees or hibiscus will be suitable for the spacious room, and for the small living room the kamnelomk can choose, eskhinantus or hoyyu.


In this part of the house the flowers need to be placed with care as not all plants will be able to take out heat and smells of the kitchen room. It is necessary to give preference to unpretentious flowers which will not only decorate kitchen, but also to absorb smells. Treat such plants: orchid, violet, chlorophytum, dieffenbachia, kartusa, zamiokulkas, monetary tree (krasula). It is necessary to place plants on windowsill or on the fridge, avoiding direct sunshine and proximity to electric stoves or blowpipes.


In the bedroom of flowers there should not be much, they cannot be put near bed. Not to provoke headache, plants for the bedroom should not exhale too strong aromas. The camellia will help to solve sexual problems, the aloe will absorb carbon dioxide and to emit oxygen, the dragon tree will destroy hazardous substances, and the spathiphyllum will make dream quiet.

Children's room

Plants for the children's room should not smell, otherwise it can provoke allergy or headache. It is necessary to give preference to flowers which are capable to absorb harmful plants. The kalanchoe, myrtle, ficus, hibiscus, aloe or aspidistra will ideally fit into design of the children's room, but it is necessary to remember that plants have to be located so that the child has not dropped them and was not wounded.


As a rule, in this part of the apartment not really there is a lot of light therefore also plants need to be chosen shade-enduring. The stromant can refer to such colors, arrowroot, fern, cyperus, guzmaniya or aglaony.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team