As it is correct to plant pineapple

As it is correct to plant pineapple

Pineapple is tasty fruit which contains many vitamins and minerals. It grows in tropical climate. But it can also be grown up and indoors, for example, at home in normal flowerpot.


Buy pineapple in supermarket or in greengrocery. Upon purchase check its top, it has to be intact, fresh, with green leaves, not chilled. It is the best of all to buy for landing pineapples in the summer or in the fall. By means of big sharp kitchen knife cut off fruit top at distance of 2 centimeters from the beginning of growth of leaves and leave in vertical position for 2 days of day to dry up. Further place plant on several centimeters in glass with water and move away him to the place which is not affected by bright sunlight or surplus heat. Change water each 2-3 days. Roots begin to be formed approximately after two-three weeks.

Prepare clay pot with drainage hole: on bottom place drainage, then fill up the soil, add fertilizer. Make small deepening in the center of the earth and place in it the dried fruit top, condense with the earth. Using garden scissors, bare trunk a little: remove small leaves at the pineapple basis, leave only large.

Water plant. Further it will be necessary to water pineapple only once in week and to fertilize each two months. Do not use chemical fertilizers. You keep pineapple in the warm, solar place at temperature not less than 20 degrees. Avoid drafts. Pineapple grows in tropical conditions about 20 months, in house conditions it needs more time. The first months can be covered fruit with glass jar, thus creating for it favorable climate. In 2 months, pineapple has to take root finally. To check whether roots were accepted, it is enough to pull slightly plant for trunk if it did not leave the soil, means everything is all right.

Useful tips

Room pineapples can be placed in the open air during the summer. The plant is important to keep in shadow the first days while it does not adapt to new climate. Replace plant in other pot every year or when you notice that to pineapple it is close in old pot. It is the best of all to use transshipment method of change not to damage plant roots. The pineapple which is grown up in house conditions can not reach such sizes what you have got used to see on shelves of supermarkets. Home-made pineapple is considered mature when it turns yellow and will begin to smell of pineapple. For watering use the otstoyanny, acidified by lemon juice water. Water has to be warm, about 30 degrees.

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