Change of lilies in the spring – the basic rules

Change of lilies in the spring – the basic rules

Garden lilies – long-term flowers, but they need too change that the bed kept decorative effect, and plants continued to please the owners with annual magnificent blossoming.

How often it is necessary to replace lilies

That lilies felt well and is annually abundant blossomed, it is necessary to replace their time in 3-4 years. This rule does not belong to one and all grades. To specify requirements of specific grade, it is necessary to study its characteristics. Autumn change of lilies after they have entered condition of rest is more preferable. However in some situations also spring landing of bulbs is admissible. In this case the flower grower risks to lose blossoming of lilies in the current year, but the risk of destruction by frost of fresh landings at the same time decreases in the winter. For summer of bulb will well take roots and will enter winter strengthened.

As a rule, spring landing of lilies is made from the bulbs acquired in flower shops. If the planting stock needs to be kept since fall, it is necessary to treat this process responsibly. The optimum place for storage of bulbs – the lower shelf of the fridge in perforated plastic bag, the poured damp sawdust.

Spring landing has to be made in the soil prepared and filled since fall, warmed up by the sun. This time is necessary for the end of April beginning of May, depending on the region. Are more whimsical at change gentle lilies East Hybrids, and here Asian Hybrids can be replaced at any time as they do not suffer from changes. It is quite possible to replace them before blossoming, on condition of observance of the basic rules of landing.

How to replace lilies

Lilies prefer easy sandy soils therefore it is necessary to fill bed with bank sand, the forest cespitose earth with addition of the fallen-down pine needles or peat. There are several rules of change of bulbs of lilies which allow to minimize risks, to avoid their death and development of diseases. It is for this purpose recommended to adhere to the following algorithm of actions: - it is necessary to cut off stalk close to the surface of the soil; - to carefully dig out bulb; - to remove all dried-up and died-off scales; - if bulb too large, it is possible to separate it, having knifed (it is important to disinfect knife in advance, and after cutting to keep bulbs in strong solution of margantsovokisly potassium during 20-30 rumple); - depth of jumping will depend on the size of bulbs: large bulbs should be planted on 20 cm, small – on 10-15 cm, considering from bulb collum. After emergence of fresh sprouts it is necessary to begin to feed up the replaced lilies of times a month, using for this purpose mineral phosphorus-potassium fertilizer. From fungal diseases it is necessary to process twice during the season landings by solution of copper vitriol or the Bordeaux mix. The bulbs planted to the warm soil in the spring sometimes overtake in development of the fellows put in the fall.

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