For what concrete acoustic slabs are necessary

For what concrete acoustic slabs are necessary

Concrete acoustic slabs have property of noise-absorbing. They can be used as bearing and not load-carrying structures. Sound-proof plates can be made of foam mortar.

What is acoustic plate from concrete?

The plate made of concrete, but having the internal cavity filled with zvukoizolyatsonny materials is called acoustic. The need for such products continuously grows as noise isolation level in multifamily houses leaves much to be desired. These plates at construction of process buildings, shops, livestock complexes are required. Standard dimensions of products following: length – 50, 60, 70 cm; width – 40 or 50 cm; thickness – 3-4 cm.

Types of acoustic concrete slabs

As fillers apply mats from fibrous sound insulators to acoustic plates (the minvat, glass wool, etc.), semifixed mats from minvata on synthetic sheaf, the fiber boards manufactured of asbestos, water-proof blocks from asbestos millboard. Acoustic plates with these fillers use as overlappings between floors and in T-joints of prefabricated elements of the building.

As gasket materials the acoustic plates happen several types: two-layer wood-fiber perforated, concrete with porous filler, the national teams with perforated and nonperforated filler, cement fibrolitovye. Acoustic plates from foam mortar use not only as shumoizolyator, but also for external and interior finish of rooms. The coefficient of sound absorption of foam-concrete plates with frequencies of 250-400 Hz makes 0.2-0.9. These products paint mineral or organic pigments. They can have relief surface (type sgraffito, brekchiya, terratsio, etc.). By means of such plates it is possible not only to finish and shumoizolirovat facade, but also to make large-scale panel. Acoustic plates from gas-silicate can be used for interior decorative finish of walls and ceilings of inhabited and industrial premises in which the normal level of humidity. Process of production of these products is quite simple. The main components as a part of plates are lime and sand of fine grinding, the blowing agent, aluminum powder. The weight received from these ingredients is filled in in forms and after hardening (in 2 hours) cut it on plates of standard dimensions. Then these products place in the autoclave for long heat treatment (not less than 12 hours). Further, plates come to the shop of calibration where they are given the required size. Then they are packed and go to the consumer.

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