How to get access to the website

How to get access to the website

To get access to the website and its certain sections, you need to be authorized on a resource, or to register on it. Registration of the new user can take place in several stages and usually does not take a lot of time.

It is required to you

  • Computer, Internet access.


1. To get access to contents of the closed resource, you need to undergo the procedure of authorization. For this purpose to you will be to use enough a form for an input of the registered users. In this form the login and the password is entered then, is clicked "Enter". At the correct input of this information, the user receives full, or partial access to the website (depending on its role on a resource). If you are not registered on the website to which access is necessary for you, you need to arrive as follows.

2. Being on the homepage of a resource necessary to you, pay attention to a form of authorization of new users. In it, or near it, you will be able to see the link designated as "Registration". Click this link and wait several seconds. You will be readdressed on a page of registration of the new user. This page will contain a certain number of fields which you need to fill with the relevant data. After filling of all forms offered by the website, click "Further" or "Register".

3. The system will automatically send a letter on the specified e-mail address during registration. This letter will contain instructions for further actions for user registration, or the text reference, transition software which activates your account. Having clicked the link of activation, you will appear on the corresponding page of the website. You will be notified on successful registration and will suggest to visit the website under your user name and the password.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team