How quickly to get rid of superfluous

How quickly to get rid of superfluous

It is quite difficult for some people to get rid of stuff, they collect unnecessary in hope that these objects will sometime be useful to them. Perhaps, you also treat them. When the house or the dacha are filled with unnecessary things, you understand that it is simpler to buy this subject, than to find it among this heap. You need to get rid quickly of superfluous and to try not to litter any more the dwelling.


1. You should not do attempts to systematize the saved-up riches and to spread out them on cabinets and boxes. Even if you will make lists of contents and will paste on each box, the thing necessary to you will not manage to be found. Under the law of meanness, not enough time will be allowed for search, and you will begin to shake up contents of boxes, creating primitive chaos. Set to yourself the object to clean the house from all unnecessary and act methodically and ruthlessly.

2. Review the things and without regrets throw out those from them which are especially expensive to you, but which roll several years waiting for darning or patch. Understand that yours will be too busy before any more. And by this time you had already had new favourite things. Review clothes and footwear, select and put those things which you do not carry the last two-three years in order. Bring together them and carry in church or in charity organizations – it is useful to homeless and needy people.

3. Now undertake cosmetics. Review contents of make-up bags and everything, than you did not use long ago and whose effective life has already passed, will throw out. It is not necessary to feel sorry even for expensive means – delayed, they can even do harm to your skin and cause allergies. In the same way arrive from the remains of the deodorants, shampoos and lotions which have accumulated on shelves in the bathroom.

4. A lot of superfluous gathers on kitchen. From here plastic boxes and buckets from under mayonnaise and ice cream, old basts and rags, plastic cups with covers and without, napkins, straws, salt packages, pepper and ketchup which you have taken after the trip on the plane, the train or at restaurant will go to garbage can. Send glass and plastic bottles to garbage can. Give grain in which bugs were already got to birds or those who hold watchdogs. Make separate audit in the fridge and get rid of all containers with unfinished sauces.

5. In the room inspect all bookcases and regiments. From them it is necessary to remove the old catalogs, last year's glossy magazines which are not writing the handle, the dried felt-tip pens and markers. Carry out inventory of first-aid kit and get rid of all drugs which period of validity has expired or just about will expire. And now tide up the house and you will understand, it became how easier to breathe to you when you have got rid of all superfluous.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team