How to apply blush on cheekbones

How to apply blush on cheekbones

make-up bag of any girl there will be mascara, powder and lipstick. And here not everyone uses blush. And meanwhile blush helps to correct visually shape of face and to give to all shape fresher look.

It is required to you

  • - big round brush;
  • - wet hypoallergenic towel wipes.


  1. It is very important to pick up shade of blush correctly. It has to be combined ideally with natural skin color and to be close to your natural flush. In the universal flowers suitable for all, natural warm colors, for example, light brown or peach are considered. You watch that the shade of blush was combined with the general color scale of make-up.
  2. Dry blush looks on cheekbones most naturally, but for drawing you surely need big round brush. Before applying blush to skin, shake excess quantity. Do not forget to clean regularly brush, use for this purpose the wet cleaning towel wipes.
  3. Friable blush should be applied always only in one direction. Movements have to be directed from the center of the person to edges. If you have put too much means, it is possible to correct this shortcoming by means of powder.
  4. Gel or cream blush – more resistant in comparison with friable, but putting this blush demands bigger skill. You apply such blush with fingertips. Put three end in the direction from the highest point of cheekbones to the middle of cheek and carefully shade with circular motions. Be accurate. If you overdo with putting blush, you should remake all make-up completely.
  5. Correctly applied blush helps to correct face form. That the person looked wider, apply blush from below up and carefully shade them at the level of pupils of eyes. Emphasize the line of cheekbones with blush, one tone more darkly as if drawing letter C.
  6. If you have square face, apply blush towards temples not only on cheekbones, apply a little more dark tone on the line of the lower jaw under ears. Carefully shade.
  7. For narrow face shade blush in the direction from the middle of cheek to ears. Put the end to the highest point of cheekbones flickering blush. To define it, smile. The most convex dot is also the place necessary to you.
  8. You do not apply dark blush on the highest point of cheekbones, it will make the person visually flat. More dark tone is caused under cheekbones or for them, is closer to temples.
  9. Be not limited to putting blush only on cheekbones. Completely to realize the potential of this cosmetic, it is possible to apply them on chin, on forehead and even on lobes of ears. It will make your shape more harmonious.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team