How to carry out water on the site

How to carry out water on the site

Connection of houses and sites to the central water supply is regulated by Russian Federation Government decree 83 on water supply to the population. To carry out water on the site, it is necessary to collect number of documents. Water will be carried out and connected in due form, specified in regulations.

  • - plan 1:500;
  • - plan of communications;
  • - specifications;
  • - preliminary verdict of SES;
  • - project and plan;
  • - permission from housing and communal services;
  • - final verdict of SES;
  • - contract for mounting;
  • - act of input of the counter in operation;
  • - contract for delivery and payment;
  • - passport;
  • - documents for the site.

1. Address to Federal Management on uniform accounting of the parcels, the inventory and cartography. Write the application for issue of the cadastral plan of the parcel in scale 1:500.

2. Further address to regional municipal services. Write the application for issue of the plan of passing of technical communications on your street.

3. Address in regional water utility. Submit the received documents, the passport, the application for connection to water supply system, documents of title of the parcel. On the basis of the filed documents to you will issue specifications and will give permission to connection to water supply system.

4. Address in regional sanoepidemstantion. Write the statement in which specify the area of connection. Show specifications, the passport, documents for the site. Will issue you the conclusion. In it it will be specified, connection is possible or not. But it is not permission as the issued document is preliminary decision of specialists in supervision of quality of potable water.

5. Again address in regional water utility, call the technical engineer on the worksite. It will make the project and the plan which you will reserve at the chief health officer of the area. It will also be permission, but only from SES, and you still will need permission from the head of regional municipal service as no types of land works without final verdict of housing and communal services can be carried out.

6. Having received the allowing document, address in regional water utility, call team of assemblers, sign the contract with them and pay carrying out water supply system from the central pipe to your house and separately on mounting of system of water supply system in your house. If there is no house on the site, you should make well and to install metering devices in it.

7. Metering devices can be not installed, but then you should pay water consumption for average tariff, and it will be much more expensive.

8. If you have installed water counters, invite the expert from department of work with consumers. To you will draw up the statement of input of the metering device in operation.

9. Address in water utility and sign the contract for delivery and payment of water. It must be done anyway, irrespective of, you have installed metering devices or not.

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