How to change the code of the intercom

How to change the code of the intercom

It is quite simple to reprogram the intercom, the main thing to know the password for entrance to the corresponding mode. The service codes of intercoms established by the manufacturer are usually identical to all models. By rules, fitters have to change these codes during the mounting and control of system, however in most cases it does not occur that allows to open door without key.


1. The greatest distribution was received by Vizit intercoms therefore it will be a question them. For opening of door it is necessary to have at itself the programmed key. In case the key was lost, has broken or it simply was not, it is possible to use the standard code - *#4230, 67#890 or 12#345. But it will work only in case settings of the intercom have not been changed by fitters.

2. If you want to reprogram the intercom, for entrance to the service menu it is necessary to gather the following combination: #999 - will peep 2 times - 12345 (the master code, by default) - will peep 1 time. You will only hear two-tone signal in case the master code is incorrect, i.e. changed by fitters. Actually mater-codes can vary - do not hurry to be upset if have heard two-tone signal, try to use other built-in master codes: 6767, 3535, 9999, 0000, 12345, 11639.

3. After you have entered the service mode, it is possible to do number of operations on reprogramming of the intercom. At consecutive set of the following combination: 2 - pause - # - pause - 3535 (or other master code) – can be established the individual code of the apartment. Set 3 at the beginning of combination - team to programming of keys for entrance, and 4 - deleting of all keys from memory. At set * exit from used the mode, and # is carried out - confirms installation.

4. Independently to install or change the code of the intercom, without cracking at the same time the intercom, you need to have the workmate who will dial number of your apartment on the block. As soon as the call has come to the apartment, pick up the phone and within five seconds six times quickly press the button of opening of the lock. Pay attention that when pressing the button on the block the indicator has to turn on "You enter". After you in the sixth and last time have pressed the Open Door button on tube, on the block the Dial Number of the Apartment indicator will have to turn on. Then once will squeak the intercom that is signal to record of the new individual code of the apartment. This code is typed on the block.

5. After the end of enrollment your workmate has to report to you about the end of enrollment on the intercom then you need to press the Open Door button on tube or the block of tube. As soon as the code is written down you will hear the sound signal confirming record of the new individual code of the apartment then it is necessary to hang up in the holder.

6. If you want to disconnect the individual code of the apartment, just type code 0000, the apartment call at set of its number from the block on door will remain.

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