How to choose carpet

How to choose carpet

East wisdom says: "It is possible to have the house without furniture, but it is impossible without carpets". This ancient saying relevant and today as correctly picked up carpets create not only feeling of comfort, but also is hidden by shortcomings of any dwelling. The most important is right choice of carpet.


1. First of all define target purpose of carpet. Its quality and the invoice have to be various, depending on purpose of the room in which it is located.

2. Choosing carpet for stair flight, the hall and corridor consider that these places are used very intensively. In this regard the selected carpets have to be the most durable and have dirt-resistant properties. For this purpose carpets with short pile are the most suitable. Textural coverings which pile is twirled and slightly soldered are good for the places most "through passage". Fibers of such carpet are similar to the small springs directed in different directions which are resistant to deformations and perfectly hold form. Make such coverings from fibers, abrasion-proof and to sminaniye, such as polyester and nylon. In spite of the fact that textural coverings are rather universal, recommend to lay them in chastoispolzuyemy rooms.

3. To the living room choose carpet which is resistant to pollution. But as it is ceremonial part of the dwelling, more strict esthetic requirements are imposed to it. The covering of the living room has to serve as decoration of this room. For this purpose perfectly multilevel carpets – berbers approach. These heavy textural coverings executed in style of the Afghan carpets provide feeling of full comfort. The similar effect is reached because of availability of geometrical drawings from large loops of various height. Such carpets not bad look, but can be easily damaged by claws of pets which, extending loops, can spoil pattern at all.

4. For flooring of the bedroom pay attention to carpets with antistatic properties. Well carpets with long pile and low density serve this purpose. As the covering of the bedroom is not so intensively trodden, for it it is possible to get also carpet of plush type. The ends of fibers of such carpet are made by section of the twisted threads. Raspushayas, fibers do its surface completely uniform. When walking the feeling of tenderness and comfort because of foot utopaniye in high pile is created. The cost of such carpet directly depends on pile density. What has more densely located fibers, subjects the high price.

5. To the nursery choose carpet with good dirt-resistant properties. It has to be cleaned and have antistatic effect easily. Also pay attention and that it has to be rather pleasant at contact gentle children's skin. Not bad the boucle to which antistatic fibers are added is suitable for these purposes. Also children are very much attracted by bright drawings which happen on such carpets.

6. In rooms to which strict health requirements – toilets, kitchens and bathrooms are imposed it is not recommended to have carpets.

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