How to choose seeds for seedling

How to choose seeds for seedling

To reap rich and healthy crop, it is necessary to take care of the correct purchase of planting stock.


1. It is impossible to rely only on exterior of packing, it does not speak about viability. It is the best of all to buy seeds and seedling in the checked shops where you will not be deceived neither with grade of seeds, nor with the producer. Always pay attention to effective lives, they are specified on packing.

2. To make sure that seeds will really ascend, it is possible to try to couch several sunflower seeds. Put them on damp gauze and remove to the dark place. In several days it will be visible how successful was your purchase.

3. Hybrid seeds which in the garden market the majority on packing F1 are designated. Such grades give the increased productivity and are most often protected from diseases. But hybrids have also shortcoming, next year you will not be able to collect from them seeds, and you should buy them in garden shop. Even on condition of repeated landing of hybrid seeds and their viability, you do not receive the same harvest. Therefore for new summer season, it is the best of all to buy new seeds.

4. The seeds bought in shop, it is necessary to sort and prepare for landing. When sorting small seeds it is very convenient to use magnifying glass and tweezers. Seeds of bean cultures, most often rather large. They need to be sorted by external signs. The prepared seeds sort, washing out in water-salt solution. From them those that will fall by bottom – full, and that which will float on surface, will not bring harvest to you.

5. Many gardeners apply way of training to cold constancy of seeds. For this purpose it is necessary to put seeds for several days in the fridge, however, in the course of growth of plant, cold constancy as property, it is lost.

6. After sorting of seeds they need to be subjected to disinfecting. Guide weak solution of potassium permanganate and lower in it the prepared seeds at least for half an hour. Then merge solution, and dry seeds in the sun.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team