How to choose shower cabin

How to choose shower cabin

Shower cabins gradually force out traditional bathtubs from interiors of houses. These devices occupy limited space of the bathroom and are very convenient for acceptance of shower. Having conceived to get shower cabin, take into account to feature to its design and availability of additional useful functions.


1. Define what shower cabin is necessary for you. These devices can conditionally be separated into cabins of the opened and closed type. Open cabins have no roof and are simpler on design. Shower cabins of the closed type represent the uniform hermetic block completed with all necessary accessories.

2. Having given preference to cabin of open type, consider that she assumes assembly in certain place of the bathroom where two or three walls have to be laid out by tile. Pay attention to type and quality of walls and door. At the small sizes of the room it is possible to stop the choice on the angular design having only one wall and door that helps to save space.

3. Pay attention to shower pallet. It can have the different form. Most often pallets of square, rectangular or radial shape meet (in the form of the sector of circle). This element of cabin can have different depth, to be almost flat or rather high.

4. Selecting cabin form, consider constitution of family members: it has to be convenient to them to be located, to move and bend in the shower device. In this regard the rectangular pallet provides big freedom if to compare it to square.

5. Evaluate type of material of which the pallet is made. The choice is rather broad here: pallets make of the enameled cast iron or steel, ceramics, acrylic or marble. The strongest and reliable molding marble is considered. It well looks in interior of the bathroom and is practical at sanitation.

6. Test in work of door of shower cabin. Standard cabins equip usually with doors of oar or sliding type, but also rotary and movable designs meet. Make sure that it is convenient to you to use doors.

7. Take an interest in set of functions which are offered by the specific producer. The cabin has to have the wall mixer equipped with convenient nozzle and the rotary handle. Availability of additional ceiling shower watering can is characteristic of devices of the closed type. Some models are equipped with the systems of hydromassage and aeration of water. Very originally the cabin which has the built-in radio receiver and phone looks.

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