How to choose wicker furniture

How to choose wicker furniture

The wicker furniture in any interior introduces elements of elegance and ease. The choice is broad: the lunch groups, rocking-chairs loved by many egg-shaped suspended wicker chairs, etc. However, as well as any furniture, "wicker" has the advantages and shortcomings. How to choose wicker furniture not to be disappointed subsequently? For the aid to hostesses several councils for the choice.

The wicker furniture is made of natural and artificial materials. The rattan (tropical lianas of family of palm), branches of cherry tree, grapevine belongs to natural materials. Natural materials are eco-friendly, but demand delicate use.

At the heart of artificial materials (polyrattan and dr): rubber, cellulose or kapron. Such furniture is not afraid of moisture and direct sunshine, however can quickly collapse because of fragility of framework and low-quality weaving.  

How to choose wicker furniture

Choosing wicker furniture for the house or the dacha, pay attention on:

1. Price. Natural materials cannot cost little therefore if offer you rattan chair for kopeks, be sure that before you – the artificial analog made in China.

2. Scratch. Try to sit down in chair. Natural wood squeaks a little, adapting to the owner's forms.

3. Labels. On furniture from polymeric materials surely there has to be label of "synthetic resin", and natural furniture is issued with mark "эко".

4. Framework. The qualitative framework has to be executed from tree or stainless steel.

5. Fastenings. For additional support in qualitative products under chair do the metal gauze or banner by belts.

6. Heat conduction. Apply palm to weaving and take several minutes. Natural wood keeps heat, and after your touch there will be warm some time.

7. Joints. At production of wicker furniture, the framework is braided and fixed by joints. It is ideal if it is a little fixing joints at furniture: 1-2.

8. Density and tension of weaving. Attentively examine piece of furniture, press hand in several places – high-quality weaving slightly springs and does not leave dents after pressing.

9. Color. Bright colors (blue, yellow, black, etc.) are not acceptable for natural materials. The wicker furniture from natural rattan or rod most often is just varnished therefore color remains natural and most often fluctuates from beige to dark brown.

10. Drawing. Standard factory weaving is carried out in the form of small squares. Angular weaving ("braid", etc.) can speak about high-quality handwork or hi-tech production.

Councils for care for wicker furniture

The natural rattan is afraid of the increased humidity therefore in rainy days and for the autumn and winter period it is better to remove wicker furniture from the street to the dry room and to cover with cotton fabric. It is worth wiping wicker furniture with dry clean rag.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team