How to clean sofa upholstery

How to clean sofa upholstery

Very often in upholstered furniture the upholstery, especially suffers if you have small children and pets. And so there is a wish to keep upholstery in good and pure condition long time. Try to get rid of different types of spots in house conditions, thanks to rather simple methods you should not resort to the help of experts.

It is required to you

  • 1) Ammonia solution and vinegar.
  • 2) Piece of soap.
  • 3) Ice, methyl alcohol.
  • 4) Cold water, fabric.
  • 5) Salt, sponge, alcohol.


1. To clean juice spots from upholstery of upholstered furniture, you will need ammonia solution and vinegar. Mix these components in equal proportions and apply the received mix to the place of spot, let's dry. After that it is possible to wipe the place of pollution with wet towel wipes, from spot there will be no trace left also.

2. If on upholstery of sofa the spot from black tea or coffee was formed, you should not worry and be angry as to remove tea and coffee spots as easy as shelling pears. The soiled site of fabric on upholstery of furniture needs to be processed piece of soap, after that wipe this place with damp rag and let's dry out. Spots, as well as did not happen.

3. As all know, to clean off chewing gum, especially from upholstered furniture, quite difficult. But there is one way which to you will help to get rid practically for 100% of chewing gum on upholstery of sofa or chair. For this purpose ice cubes which need to be put in plastic bag will be necessary for you and to put to the place of the stuck chewing gum. Take some time that chewing gum could freeze slightly. Then take blunt object (plastic blade, at all not knife, differently you will only make worse) and try to scrape off it as much as possible. After that process upholstery fabric the rag napkin, the wetted in methyl alcohol.

4. It is quite simple to purify fresh blood from upholstered furniture, it is only necessary to wash the place of formation of blood spot with rather cold water, after that wipe with dry fabric. Old spots of blood will be quite difficult to be removed, but to do it it is necessary by means of the same cold water, but it is much longer necessary to wash.

5. Very often after feast it is possible to find greasy spot on sofa. That to get rid of it, salt the place pollution and let's be absorbed to fat. By means of dry sponge remove residues of salt. Further moisten soft sponge in alcohol and weak movements rub spot.

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