How to send free SMS to mobile online

How to send free SMS to mobile online

Often we get into situations when it is necessary to send someone the Sms, and on personal account is empty. The desperate situation would seem. And is not present! Thanks to Internet technologies we can send the message online now from the website of that mobile operator which we use.


1. Sending Sms to BilaynZapustite's subscribers the web browser, enter in an address bar without quotes of "". You will visit the official site of Beeline mobile operator. Scroll a ruler and go down in the bottom of the homepage. Find the Send SMS/MMS button in the lower right corner, click it. On the opened page enter mobile phone number of the subscriber Beeline. Further write the text of the message. Be short since the text contains only 140 characters. Enter the code from the picture. If the code illegible, replace it. When all fields are filled, safely press the Send button. In several seconds the message will reach the addressee.

2. Sending Sms to MegafonZaydite's subscribers on the website of Megafon mobile operator. For this purpose enter the address "" (without quotes). In the center of the homepage the Send SMS/MMS button is located. Click it. Also specify the subscriber number of the message recipient, enter the text of the message, the maximum length is 150 characters. If desired you can include a transliteration and select sending time. Further enter two words from the picture and click "Send".

3. Sending Sms to MTSZaydite's subscribers on the website of the operator of MTS. The address – On the right in the column "Often Are Required" select "Send SMS/MMS". Specify the mobile phone number. Attention - if you are not a subscriber of MTS, then sending is impossible! Enter number of the recipient. Write the text of the message, a maximum – 140 characters. In addition you can make an automatic transliteration and/or install one of several services offered you: "SMS Express", "SMS Secret", "SMS Calendar" or "SMS Group". The detailed help on services emerges automatically after clicking.

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