How to do sauces

How to do sauces

By means of sauces it is possible to impact to a main course any given relish and aroma. Sauces can be divided into the following groups – prepared with flour or without it and also on red and white.


1. For preparation of red sauce use meat soup. Fry in a frying pan flour before emergence of a brownish shade. Flour can be spasserovat on fat or to fry in a dry frying pan.

2. Fill up flour in small capacity, add a meat fluid and carefully mix all ingredients. If flour was fried with fat, dissolve it with a small amount of hot water or broth. If flour was browned in a dry frying pan, add to it cold liquid.

3. Pour in the divorced weight in a saucepan with the warm broth made for sauce carefully stir, add some salt and you cook 10-15 minutes on small fire. At the end of preparation add some spice. From aromatic products it is possible to add black and allspice, bay leaf, a capsicum, parsley, garlic, etc.

4. Filter sauce through a sieve, again put on its fire and, all the time stirring slowly, you bring to the boil. So-called, main sauce will turn out. It can impact other relish, adding any given ingredients, for example tomato paste, onions, a capers.

5. For preparation of white sauce use meat, fish or mushroom soup, depending on to what dish he will move. It is also possible to take milk, cream or sour cream. Make fish sauce on broth which will turn out when cooking fish or fish offcuts. For a mushroom sauce take mushroom broth, at the end of preparation add small cut boiled mushrooms to sauce.

6. To make white sauce, fry flour with fat to a cream shade. Dissolve it with a small amount of hot liquid and pour in it in a saucepan with broth (milk, cream). Add some salt, stir and you cook 10-15 minutes at weak boiling. Filter ready sauce through a sieve and add desirable ingredients.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team