How to clean the house from negative energy

How to clean the house from negative energy

The house is that place where people have a rest, communicate, make plans for the future and so on. When in the house everything is all right, both it is breathed more freely, and is easier. If the array of problems suddenly leans, or people quarrel unexpectedly, begin to be ill, then it is quite probable that in the house has lodged negative energy.

How independently to check whether there are in the house strangers negative?

For independent check exists several ways here following from them:

- it is necessary to take normal church candle, to light it and to walk on all apartment, you should not ignore storerooms and corridors. If the flame of candle burns quietly, equal orange light, then everything is all right. If fire on candle begins to jump or smoke, then most likely there is negative power;

- if in the house there live pets, then it is necessary to pay attention to their behavior. If they are healthy and quiet, then there is no reason for concern, and if animals without the reason begin to be ill or behave inadequately, go to bed only near exit, then cleaning of the house is necessary;

- if there are no animals in the house, it is necessary to see to houseplants, they react to change of power in the house too. If the most resistant and hardy plants begin to dry and perish, and the brought cut flowers instantly fade, then you should not delay with cleaning of the room.

First of all, it is necessary to care for purity of the house, the broken or torn things, beaten ware or the damaged equipment have to be taken out on garbage can. Before starting removal of negative power, it is necessary to bring order to the house. Doing clear-out, you should not deprive of attention of mirror and glass, dirt and stains on them - one of the reasons of congestion of negative power. Cleaning should not be surface, it is necessary to wash doors, to dust in cabinets, to wash up ware in sideboard and other. Broken to the technician which there is no opportunity to repair, to throw out better.

After order is brought, it is possible to start cleaning of the house from negative energy. It is possible to make it in different ways:

- the believing people advise to bypass the house with candle, to sprinkle a little corners the water brought from church, to read prayers with the application to bless and clean the house;

- if your dwelling was visited by the person who is unpleasant to you, then after its leaving it is necessary to wash the floors salt water which needs to be poured out outdoors, it is desirable on the earth, in that place where people do not go. Mopping in this way helps to remove all negative which was brought by the person unpleasant to you;

- in hot sunny weather it is necessary to open windows to remove everything not negative power and to call positive;

- that in the house there lived only positively the power, necessary to know all negative thoughts, to cease to ache and complain, criticize someone and to take offense;

- at some unpleasant emergency situations comma it is not necessary to look for guilty or to accuse someone to find the prime cause, it is necessary to rummage properly in itself;

- even in bad mood try to praise and thank house, be adjusted on positive harmony, help to expel negative thoughts.

- to trust in similar or not dash personal record of everyone, but to any of us neither cleaning, nor the aired room, nor positive spirit will damage.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team