How to collect bee sting

How to collect bee sting

Bee sting increases amount of hemoglobin in blood, expands capillaries, reduces coagulability and viscosity of blood, positively influences metabolism and helps to reduce arterial blood pressure. At single sting of bee about 0.2-0.3 mg of poison are allocated, however it is not always simple to collect poison in large numbers.


1. Pour in wide vessel to the edges peach oil and close vessel film of animal origin (part of bladder of sheep or calf), and the film has to concern oil.

2. Take eye tweezers (tweezers of very small size) bee, slightly squeeze her and put on film. After all manipulations the bee has to pierce film with sting which will remain on film.

3. From sting poison will flow out in oil and will accumulate on day of vessel. Gradually all poison will gather in drops which will only need to be collected from bottom.

4. The second way of receiving poison in large numbers requires big wooden box. Shake in it about 50 g of bees and distribute them evenly on box bottom by means of mobile plate.

5. The bottom of box has to be removable with the built-in yadopriyemnik. Cover top layer of bottom with animal film (for example, part of bladder of pig) under which put 2-3 layers of filter paper, and at the very bottom put the sheet of polyethylene or cellophane.

6. Under yadopriyemnik pull wire, on it start up current from the induction coil which is connected to the accumulator of 6-8 V. Current influences bees, they sting film, and poison remains on filter paper.

7. Now remove bottom of box, remove bees without stings and repeat all operation several times. As a result on filter paper there will be quite large amount of poison.

8. Bee sting can be collected by means of subject glass - very thin glass plate. Take tweezers bee, slightly squeeze and apply paunch to subject glass. The insect will sting glass and will produce poison, at the same time the sting will remain in paunch. On one glass it is possible to receive up to 300 units of poison. One unit of poison is poison from one bee.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team