How to collect panel board houses

How to collect panel board houses

Advantage of panel board houses in their bystrovozvodimost which is provided with feature of panels. They are equipped with the special dredging and ledges allowing to make fast and high-quality assembly. But in this work there are features which ignorance will entail mounting errors.

Panel board houses – the simplest in assembly and lungs on weight. The majority of country constructions are built in this technology. The panel board type of housing construction allows to collect full-fledged housing in few days, and use of modern heat-insulating SIP panels provides comfort of accommodation in such room.

What do manufacture panels for panel board houses of?

The assembly technology of panel board buildings is called Canadian. In it SIP panels which are manufactured of two plates of RSD 8-9 mm thick between which expanded polystyrene is pressed in are used. All design consists of several layers: paroizolyatsionny, wind bracing, wind-shelter. Brand polyfoam not below S-25 is part of SIP panels. Than above its density, especially panels have low heat conductivity. The best consider in what use expanded polystyrene. Thickness of heater can be different: 12, 14, 15, 16, 20 cm.

Assembly technology of panel board houses

In SIP panels there are special thorns and dredging which allow to collect houses by the principle "groove in groove". In advance build in all elements of communications boards that allows to mount life support systems along with walls. In addition, many producers release boards with external and interior finish. It does the Canadian technology more attractive and less labor-consuming, than other types of housing construction. After the base is built, panels display most close from the place of their assembly. The first established element – angular. The board is mounted so that the chord has entered its lower sample. After installation the panel needs to be strengthened by means of the supporting boards which rest one end against soil. Each following panel is installed so that the bearing bar of the previous board has entered its side sample. Previously the groove of the next panel is filled with polyurethane foam that provides tightness of connection and strengthens its durability. Then both boards fasten among themselves to the help of iron cramps. The technology of the Canadian housing construction does not provide mounting of window and door openings: these constructive parts are established on assembly step of panels. Boards establish in turn according to the scheme of mounting, gradually moving ahead on house perimeter. The last has to adjoin the first. After assembly of the first row start mounting of top. Only three persons are capable to perform all work on assembly of the panel board house: one carries out connection of panels above, the second – below, the third fastens them in the middle.

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