How to collect seeds from hybrid grades

How to collect seeds from hybrid grades

To collect seeds from hybrid grades of the vegetables which are grown up on kitchen garden it is necessary to follow some rules. First of all, it is necessary to remember that grown up from the seeds collected from hybrids, plants can strongly differ from "parents".

It is required to you

  • - mature fruits of hybrids;
  • - water;
  • - solar place;
  • - color ribbons;
  • - tanks;
  • - knife.


1. To prepare seeds from hybrid pepper, they are brought together from well ripened, sometimes even slightly overripe fruits. Specially select fruits with bright coloring which testifies to the fullest maturity. Cut pepper, get and spread seeds in suitable capacity and send to the dry, shaded place.

2. They need to be dried up, it is the best of all in ceramic capacity, distributing even layer on surface. Once a day seeds needs to be mixed that they dried evenly. Optimum temperature for drying of seeds +25 … 28 °C. Seeds gradually dry. Readiness of seeds can be learned that they break when bending.

3. At preparation of seeds from hybrid tomatoes it is necessary to use the following technology. Well ripened fruits are cut on the center, seeds with juice are accurately squeezed out in capacity. Seeds are put into jellylike cover which needs to be removed. For this purpose add a little water to mix of juice and seeds and leave for fermentation for 3 days.

4. Twice a day mix needs to be mixed. At the beginning of fermentation on surface there will be mold, and bubbles can be formed. It means that process is finished. Mix is diluted half with water and carefully mixed. The cleaned seeds will settle on capacity bottom. It is necessary to drain carefully water with mold and the remains of pulp and also with the emerged seeds to add water and once again to wash out seeds. If necessary to repeat the procedure several times while water does not remain clean, and seeds – without impurity.

5. Then clean seeds need to be cast away on small colander or sieve, to allow moisture to flow down, to shift seeds in ceramic or glass capacity and to leave on drying. For uniform drying the seeds daily mix that they did not stick to each other and dried out evenly.

6. When collecting seeds from hybrids of cucumbers the very first fruits leave on ogurechnik, having marked them in any noticeable way (it is possible to tie color ribbon). When cucumbers completely ripen and will even become overripe, will reach maximum sizes and will become brown-brown, they should be removed and put in the sun. In 3-4 days the seed cucumbers cut lengthways, take seeds, wash out them in flowing water and send for drying.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team