How to construct penthouse the hands

How to construct penthouse the hands

That optimum to use the area of giving or country house, it is possible to equip penthouse there. Such premises on the place of the attic, of course, will demand some change of all roof design. But costs of reorganization will pay off, you receive the comfortable and modern room for rest or accommodation.

  • - wooden bars;
  • - boards;
  • - rails;
  • - fastening elements;
  • - metal corners;
  • - metal brackets;
  • - waterproofing;
  • - mineral wool;
  • - window designs of mansard type;
  • - ladder;
  • - set of construction tools.

1. Begin construction of penthouse with drawing up the project. The main mansard element – the roof differing on the building from traditional. Very often in roof arrange window openings which are located at an angle. Quite often at construction of penthouse radically change roof profile, doing slope to broken lines.

2. Properly think over what will be form of roof and tilt angles of the planes. Traditionally for penthouses use standard gable or broken gable roofs, but also penthouses meet single-pitch roof. Draw all design in different projections, having put down the sizes and having specified relative positioning of elements.

3. Build framework of future penthouse. It is the most responsible and labor-consuming stage of all construction which in most cases demands attraction to work of the workmate. On perimeter of upper part of the house lay inferior purlin – the horizontal bars connected among themselves. Attach to inferior purlin metal corners two extreme racks with rafters. On upper part of racks establish longitudinal crossing point.

4. Using the tense cord, put between the turned-out arches internal elements of framework which in form and the sizes have to be similar to side arches. The step between all racks has to be identical. It is necessary to fix all arch designs among themselves metal corners and brackets. Exposing inclined elements of roof, in accuracy maintain lining and rated tilt angle of slope.

5. From outer end attach nails to the turned-out roof furring from boards or rails, having provided in it apertures for windows. Start creation hydro- and heat-insulating layer. For protection against moisture it is the best of all to use film of membrane type, having laid it over furring. As heater mineral wool which it is necessary to fix from the inside of rafter system most approaches, without leaving slots.

6. Atop almost already ready roof lay roofing covering. Selection of material for finishing of roof is very broad. It can be slate, normal or metal tile and also professional flooring. After completion of this part of works perform mounting of window designs and execute interior finish of the room of penthouse.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team