How to construct simple country house the hands

How to construct simple country house the hands

Many people are bothered by vanity of big city streets and they seek to visit holiday at the dacha. And that your rest has not been saddened by bad living conditions, it is necessary to create the necessary comfort. Ideal option for your giving is construction of small frame lodge on the column base.

For a start on the site construct country house the hands. We will consider option of creation of the small frame house.

For any building basis is the good qualitative base. For this purpose choose the correct and suitable option. Let's stop on the base from asbestos - cement pipes.

The territory is marked. For the correct rectangle use the rule of diagonals. Further at distance from each other 1 meter on all perimeter openings in the earth by diameter of pipes, on depth which is slightly exceeding the level of freezing of soil in this area are drilled. Are established in the received grooves of pipe and cement mix is inside filled in: 1:3. All received columns have to be located at one level in the horizontal plane. It is obligatory to make reinforcing of internal parts of pipes, with release of the pin of armature upward. Cover and leave the base for several days for drying.

As we build small country house by the hands, additional bandaging between columns can be not done of pipes.

To the released pin weld either platforms, or the lower bar on it fix directly.

Construction of stud walls begins with the lower wreath. This wreath will connect all columns of the base among themselves. When the lower number of bar is finished, frame racks are established. And atop they tie with row from bar again. Do not forget to put below logs for floor, and above slush-making bars for ceiling and roof.

Then the simple roof design is carried out. Eaves boards of 150*50 in size are for this purpose used. Further simple furring follows from roofing boards and covering at choice of the owner. For example: hydrostekloizol or threw - profile sheets.

Walls are outside upholstered with normal roofing board or moisture resistant plywood. From within it is already possible to use lining or imitation of bar.

Installation of windows and doors is the best of all to entrust professionals, and here each person can floor and hem ceilings. As the lodge will be used only in the summer, construction of heating services is not provided, as well as internally warming of walls.

Each owner already independently resolves issue about arrangement of toilet and the washbasin. For this purpose it is in advance necessary to think over where there will be conclusion of sewage pipe and well for drains.

Of course, to construct even small lodge it is necessary to have though some skills. Otherwise it is better to use services of skilled masters.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team