How to decorate the room with rain

How to decorate the room with rain

In our country it is accepted to decorate the room with rain on the eve of new year. The illuminated by daisy fires in the evening or sunshine in the morning, such ornament gives to the house the special atmosphere of holiday and joy.

It is required to you

  • - rain;
  • - push pins;
  • - white threads;
  • - scissors.


1. That the room looked especially beautifully, hang out rain at windows. If curtains at you keep on small hooks, accurately hook to them strings of rain. It is better to do it not on each hook, and through several that the window was visible too. If curtains to keep on round eaves, just move through it rain, having fixed it by node on the middle.

2. Decorate with rain of wall and ceiling. Insert into corners under ceiling small push pins and pull on them two white threads so that they crossed in the middle of ceiling. Then hang up rain on threads. The distance between rain in this case has to make 5 cm.

3. Create asterisks on walls. Take the longest thread of rain and lay out asterisk of any size, fixing rain by thin strips of transparent adhesive tape. But it is worth doing it on walls without wall-paper.

4. Give to chandelier festive look. Hang up on it rain thread verification so that above they crossed among themselves, and below hanged down from all directions. The more will be rain, the more elegant it will turn out. After that it is possible to leave the ends to hang just like that, and it is possible to connect them by rain thread in bunch. Thus, on chandelier peculiar festive cap which will be beautifully poured at the turned-on light will turn out.

5. Make bouquets of rain. For this purpose take the whole bunch of rain and put it the connected end in beautiful small vase. It is desirable that it was not the transparent vase, but opaque, monophonic color. Then cut off rain threads at distance of 5-10 cm from the connected edge. Also fluff up the remains so that the bunch with the rain has begun to remind bouquet from color threads. Place vases with such bouquets about the room.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team