How to do stamping of grapes in the summer and in early autumn

How to do stamping of grapes in the summer and in early autumn

Since about the middle of August the gardeners start such procedure as stamping of grapes. Main objective of this type of cutting is redistribution of nutrients between escapes and berries in favor of the last. Of course, it is necessary to perform such operation in time and correctly.

Actually procedure of stamping represents nothing especially difficult. Even the gardener beginner will be able to cope with such cutting. The complexity in this case consists in the basic only in right choice of terms of stamping.

How to define readiness of rod

Main objective of stamping of grapes as redistribution of nutrients and acceleration of maturing of clusters was already mentioned, is. Therefore it is necessary to carry out such cutting only when in rods growth processes slow down. Otherwise it is possible to gain boomerang effect. Plants "will throw" all forces not on cluster, and on formation of new escapes. Thickening and weakening of bushes will result. Such grapes can even freeze in the winter.

How to define that vegetative processes in rods have slowed down? For this purpose it is necessary to examine plants just attentively. Signs of delay are:

  • stop of growth of escapes;
  • straightening of point of growth;
  • the beginning of maturing of berries in the lower part of bush.

Basic rules

It is necessary to cut off when carrying out stamping of grapes in August not all escapes. Otherwise it is possible to weaken bushes. Mint at the end of summer and early autumn only those branches which gain during the season has made not less than 1-1.5 meters. Of course, it is impossible to cut off also sick branches.

Very powerful escapes are allowed to be minted including before vegetation process delay — approximately in the middle of July. Stamping of grapes allows to increase productivity due to unloading of green material in the summer. However in this case the appearing stepsons in the subsequent it is necessary to delete not less than two times.

At summer July stamping on escapes it is necessary to leave only one — two topmost stepsons. Escape is cut off in this case "up to breast". That is delete top so that over the top cluster there were about 10 leaflets. In the subsequent they will provide berries with nutrients and sugar.

How to do stamping of grapes in August

Carry out this procedure with use of sharp secateurs. At enough well developed escapes just delete top at the length of 20-25 cm with growth point. When performing such cutting it is necessary to watch that all normal, developed leaflets remained on branch.

In what cases the stamping is not carried out

Cutting of escapes of grapes in July, August and September allows to increase productivity and to accelerate maturing of berries. However to carry out stamping it is allowed, unfortunately, not in all cases. It is impossible to do cutting:

  • slaborosly grades of grapes;
  • weakened by disease.

If you not absolutely well understand for what actually to your grapes the redistributing cutting is necessary, just leave on plantation everything as it is. Well or watch video presented on the page about stamping of grapes in August. In it need and technique of holding this procedure are described in all details. Anyway at good care for plants the rich harvest of grapes can be received also without carrying out stamping.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team