How to drive columns for fence

How to drive columns for fence

From that what columns you choose for the fence – wooden, metal, concrete, asbestos-cement – its durability will depend in many respects. But it is not less important to establish correctly columns, the mounting mode needs to be chosen depending on depth of underground waters, structure of the earth, fence size.

It is required to you

  • - sledge hammer or block for swamping;
  • - drill or drilling rig;
  • - concrete solution;
  • - sand;
  • - small crushed stone.


1. On easy or sandy soils for installation of small columns use normal sledge hammer. Put column vertically and, holding it, hammer until it enough goes deep.

2. For simplification of work use the block made of pipe of large diameter and made on the one hand by stub, here make weighting of lead or metal. Sideways weld handles. Put on pipe the column established vertically lift for handles and with force lower down.

3. To establish big columns, buy special drill or order services of the drilling rig. You drill with its help the well a little lower than frost depth of soil, fill pillow from sand. Further establish inside column and fill in the remained space with concrete, or fill up with soil and stamp.

4. After filling of concrete solution in hole lift column a little. In this case the lower part will also be closed by concrete layer that will save tree from rotting, and metal from rust.

5. In sandy soil it is possible to manage and without filling and ramming, just you drill openings under diameter of column at once. In this case carefully you watch that holes were vertical and were located strictly on the line.

6. On puchinisty, clayey grounds with the high level of bedding of waters use the following method. Drill hole obviously more widely than diameter of column more deeply than groundwater occurrance. Fill part of hole with small crushed stone and sand so that there was sufficient depth for immersion of third of column.

7. Stamp the turned-out drainage and establish column. Also fill space around column with small crushed stone, sand and carefully stamp. At such way of installation underground waters freely will go down and will not be able to push out column from the earth, it will stand is firm and will not be lop-sided over time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team