How to equip children's corner

How to equip children's corner

If you have no opportunity to allocate to the kid the separate room, do not worry. Psychologists claim that small children feel near parents much more comfortably. You also noticed that your mischievous person always tries to settle to books and toys is closer to dad or mom. So can, you should not hurry to move the child to own nursery? The need for loneliness and independence will come later – at teenage age. So far issue children's corner in the general room.

  • - open regiments;
  • - decorative stickers;
  • - bright posters;
  • - cotton or woolen rugs;
  • - floor throw pillows;
  • - children's furniture;
  • - sports corner;
  • - inexpensive light wall-paper or big sheets of paper.

1. Issue walls in the allocated place in a special way. You should not use special children's wall-paper. It is better if they are from the same series, as in all room, but with brighter decor. Decorate walls with special stickers with the image of fantastic heroes.

2. Be not fond of quantity of furniture in children's corner. Standard option – table, wardrobe, dresser for linen, rack or open regiments for toys. The kid has to have opportunity to move some furnishings.

3. Hang up mirror on wall. Psychologists assure that it is important to child to see the reflection, it helps to create self-assessment.

4. Try that children's furniture looked stylistically uniform with other furniture in the room. That the situation did not seem monotonous, add bright parts: original textiles, posters or other effective accessories.

5. Reduce quantity of the furniture standing on floor to minimum. It will allow you to save the precious playground.

6. Children very much like to play on floor. But you should not lay big carpet, it will be difficult to you to clean off it from plasticine or paint. Lay better several small multi-colored rugs which can be washed easily in the machine. Bright pillows will perfectly look, on them it is so convenient to sit.

7. Are very convenient in use of bed attics. Under them it is possible to arrange the place for games or classes.

8. Since three years the child needs table and chairs, make sure that they are rather strong and steady. These home decoration should take out all maximum of children's energy. It is good if opportunity to table and chairs "raise" together with the child is provided.

9. If you want to separate children's zone partition, try that it was easy and passed a lot of light. In this quality the rack perfectly will approach, on it toys and books of your kid will be stored. As well as any children's furniture, rack or partition have to be the steadiest.

10. Use sports complex as divider if your child differs in hyperactivity and to it it is difficult to sit still.

11. Paste over part of wall in children's corner with cheap light wall-paper or attach to it big sheets of paper. Take care that pencils, markers and felt-tip pens were in easy availability near this place. So you will be able to endure the period of "wall painting" without special losses.

12. Attach along wall narrow wooden rails on which you will be able to fix drawings, visual aids or maps. Children very actively remember visual information. She is stamped on their memory practically forever.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team