How to equip penthouse

How to equip penthouse

In the last decades the Russians began to master actively attic-floor rooms of the owner-occupied dwellings. Now it is not the attic any more – storage of unnecessary things, and perfectly equipped penthouses. In general, on penthouse it is possible to equip any premises: nursery, living room, game, etc. Feature of this room will be the fact that part of facade – roof surface.


1. It is necessary to equip penthouse step by step. At first we strengthen overlappings. For this purpose wood and iron beams will approach. It is for this purpose better to invite experienced experts. At once decide on situation, look and the size of ladder. If the penthouse is planned to use only in the summer, then the ladder can be taken out also on the street.

2. After that the penthouse needs to be warmed. If the roof flows, repair will be required. Now warm walls roofs glassy or stone cotton wool. In midland thickness of heater has to be twenty centimeters. Do not forget about windows. It is possible that they should be cut through in roof. Be not afraid to do windows under window, it will give to additional originality the room.

3. Besides, inclined windows give much more light. For interior finish use gypsum cardboard, lining, wall panels. Here everything depends on style of the room. If you plan wooden furniture, then lining will be ideal. Gypsum cardboard is good the fact that it can be painted any color, to paste over with wall-paper. Wall panels perfectly behave in not heated room.

4. It is sometimes easier to build on penthouse, than to convert the old attic. It is not necessary to be afraid of it. The new penthouse will be built on according to your inquiries.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team